The Top 5 Activities for Children with Special Needs in NYC

The Top 5 Activities for Children with Special Needs in NYC

by Candice Shaffer from 888 Hope, 160 Leroy, The XI, Modern Spaces

Taking trips with your whole family can be a difficult proposition, with different ages and ability levels needed to be accounted for along the way. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a vacation the whole family can enjoy, New York City more than fits the bill, with countless activities appealing to kids with every skill and need set. Not sure where to head? Check out our top 5 Activities for Children with Special Needs in NYC

The Top 5 Activities for Children with Special Needs in NYC

Top 5 Activities for Children with Special Needs in NYC

The New York City Transit Museum:

Whether your kid loves trains or trolleys, there’s no place in the city better than the New York City Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn. With exhibits on virtually every form of public transportation out there, this museum is the perfect diversion for kids of all needs and abilities.

The Museum of Natural History:

One of the most beloved museums in the United States, the American Museum of Natural History is an eye-opening place to visit for any family. Explore taxidermied beasts, check out dinosaur fossils, or simply discover cultures from around the world in this 2 million-square-foot museum, which attracts close to 5 million visitors each and every year.

The Central Park Carousel:

Want a great photo op that the whole family will love? Check out the Central Park Carousel. Open since 1871, this New York icon is a fun ride for the whole family and provides plenty of opportunities for adorable, picture-perfect moments.

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The Brooklyn Children’s Museum:

Engaging and off the beaten path, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in Crown Heights is the ideal place to take your kids when you’ve been to the city before and are looking for something new to do.

Better yet, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum offers a special sensory room during the afternoons where children of varying abilities can explore, with low lighting, white walls, and plenty of great toys to play with.

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum:

If your kids love learning about transportation, there’s no place better than the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum to explore their interest.

Fortunately, this exciting aircraft carrier museum also happens to have weekend playtime’s specifically geared toward kids on the spectrum, so every member of your family can have a great time.

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There ya Go!

That was our Top 5 Activities for Children with Special Needs in NYC. Traveling with your children is no easy feat, but taking them to exciting, enriching, and engrossing places that are right for their skill set can make all the difference when you’re on vacation. If you find yourself in New York City with your family, these fun-for-every-family-member activities are sure to be a hit for everyone involved.

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