Owie! First Aid Kit

All kids have their fair share of owies!  Our daughter who has autism seems to have a new owie all the time!  Band aids litter my purse and diaper bags, but they are never at a convenient location when needed.  Top that with the tears that are already flowing, one little cut turns into a disaster quickly! This is a problem that I have finally found the perfect solution for!  The Owie! First Aid Kit

Owie! First Aid kit

When the makers of Owie First aid kits reached out to me to test their product, it was a no brainier.  I figured it would be packed full of the first aid supplies and be easy to maintain.  What I didn’t expect was how cute the little monster kit would be!

Whenever we have an cut or scrap now, I have the kids get the owie monster out.  He is packed with all the basics parents need (band aids, antiseptic wipes, gauze, triple antibiotic cream, etc).  Even more awesome is this little monster is completely latex free! While I lean and dress the wound, they get to hold the Owie! Monster.  He is purple, soft, and a friendly face to side track from any pain.  As a reward for being brave, they get one of the the little monster stickers.  Our little monster turns an owie into a smile!

The Owie! First Aid kit is perfect for diaper bags, purses, backpacks, and more.  It even comes with a click to hand on the outside of bags so it is always in reach.  Since it only has first aid items parents actually need in it, it’s not heavy or bulky at all! Since my kids are apparently preparing for a zombie apocalypses, they have all requested one of their own for their book bags.

So What Does an Owie! First Aid kit Include?

The Owie! Kit is Latex Free and includes:

(15) Bandages 3/4in x 3in

(10) Junior bandages 3/8in x 1.5in

(4) Triple Antibiotic Ointment

(4) Antiseptic Towelettes

(3)  Burn Gel Packets

(3) Gauze pads 2″x 2″

(1) Adhesive tape roll

(1) String Relief Wipe

(8) Stickers

(1) Super cute Owie! case

The Owie! First Aid Kit: Created For Parents, By Parents

When you’re the parent of active kids, you need to be prepared for anything.

I know that better than anyone – I’m a mother of three children ages 2, 5, and 7 years old. Like most parents, it’s important to me to let my kids experience nature: we’re constantly spending our days traveling to parks, the beach, and participating in outdoor activities.

Of course, this active lifestyle has its risks. That’s why I started carrying around a first aid kit in my car, and keeping a smaller one in my backpack. I wanted to make sure I was always prepared for minor injuries, cuts and scrapes.

There was just one problem – every time I wanted to reach into the kit, I found myself emptying my entire bag to find that one little plastic box! And if I had to explain to a friend or family member where to find the first aid kit while juggling a screaming 2-year-old? Forget about it!

That’s why I created Owie! – a first aid kit with all the essentials that’s easy to clip onto a backpacks (see waterproof backpacks), purse, stroller, or diaper bag, so it’s always there, exactly when you need it. Each kit is packed with everything you need to heal cuts, scrapes, and minor burns, all within easy reach.

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  1. My daughter makes a huge deal out of little cuts too! It’s the end of the world when there is even the smallest speck of blood.

  2. Hey! Very nice and really helpful article.

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