Air filters are an important part of keeping any home smelling consistently fresh and clean without any worries.

The air systems in a home are constantly bringing in air, but they lack the ability to stop dirty air from coming inside.

Air filters act as a security measure to filter out all sorts of particles from passing airflow.

The 5 Important Things to Understand About Air Filters in a Home

However, the air filters in a home need maintenance, or else they start causing issues in a home.

So what exactly do you need to know?  Check out these 5 Important Things to Understand About Air Filters in a Home!

1. Clean Filters = Clean Air, Healthy Breathing

The air you breathe is important enough to make sure that it is free of any dust or dirt that would otherwise make it uncomfortable or unsafe to breathe. Air filters are made of a tight, mesh weaving that trap, absorb and block out incoming particles traveling along with airflow.

Without air filters, a home air system may start bringing in all sorts of issues that make residents uncomfortable or cause breathing problems. That is why the folks at DUCTZ of Charleston recommend changing your filters regularly.

2. Filtration Stops Pollution

The air outside a home could have no issues, no pollution, and no sign of any allergens to worry about. On the other hand, some homes are absolutely surrounded by high levels of pollutants or allergens sucked in by a home’s air system.

The airborne irritants sucked into an air system are capable of causing serious issues for people with breathing issues or asthma. A home should be a safe place to breathe in comfortably without having to worry about air quality.

3. Importance to Temperature

The airflow in a home is vital to its temperature, without it there are issues that could cause dryness and heating problems. Dirty air filters are unable to properly process any airflow, which means that the air heated in a furnace is unable to make it through.

Air is also unable to leave rooms with a dirty air filter blocking the way. A lack of airflow leads to dry, stagnant rooms throughout a home.

4. Clean Air Filters Help Air System Mechanical Pieces

When air filters are dirty and block airflow, the system tries to compensate by increasing energy usage. The mechanical parts of a system are pushed harder and wear down faster over time. Overworked mechanical parts break down faster and end up costing much more than simply replacing the air filter would have.

Mechanical breakdown is possible and very dangerous, especially for a furnace that begins to accumulate trapped heat. Energy costs add to the bills at the end of the month, costing a household thousands of dollars annually.

5. Air Filters are Easy to Replace

It just makes sense to have new filters installed instead of facing all the problems dirty ones bring at the end of the day. Quality companies provide quality, affordable filters, and air filter delivery as often as monthly. Air filters are available for multiple systems, in different sizes, and with a range of quality. Find the filter that suits you and enjoy breathing in more comfortably in your home

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