15 Summer activities to help your kids appreciate nature

I had to laugh the other day when my husband told me that my school vacation was about to end.  Summer break is upon us!  Our kid’s school got out mid May due to the lack of snow days.  This means three whole months of summer.  I am excited to be able to spend a ton of time with them doing summer activities!

Summer means tons of outdoor adventures, pools, water fights, giggles, and (gasp!) BOREDOM! Though my kids love playing outside, they still have a tendency to want to sit and veg out in front of electronics.  Since sitting down in front a screen for too long is just not goo for kids, it falls on me to keep them active!  Though I can come up with a lot of ideas, there are times where my brain is just fried!  So what do you do to get your kids outside when your brain just isn’t working?

Joe at Nature Rated understands this all too well and has put together an infographic on 15 summer activities to help your kids appreciate nature.  He has graciously offered to share this fun, problem solving graphic with The Mom Kind readers.   From baking a blackberry pie to constructing a pond or insect hotel, there’s plenty for the youngsters to get up to. After you check out the infographic below, head over to his site for step by step instructions to get your kids out and about enjoying nature. 

15 Summer activities to help your kids appreciate nature

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I hope that you will be able to put some of these ideas into practice with your children this summer.  I know I absolutely plan on building a bird feeder and decorating a tree or too!  Maybe we will sneak over to grandma’s and decorate her tree too!  Let  us know in the comments below which ones you did or any other creative and fun activities you like to do!

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