11 Ways to Relieve Stress for Busy Moms

Being a mom is not an easy job. As mothers, we constantly have to juggle home and work, which often leaves us stressed and frustrated. If you are a mom feeling like you are pulled in a hundred different directions and have a never-ending to-do list, you are not alone!

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can reduce your stress levels and thrive as a busy mom. A relaxed mind can help you handle both your home and work more efficiently. So, here is a list of some effective ways to relieve stress for busy moms (and dads).  Even trying just one can help you de-stress and help you be a better parent.

11 Ways to Relieve Stress for Busy Moms

11 ways to relieve stress for busy moms

11 Ways to Relieve Stress for Busy Moms

Have a Mug of Tea or Coffee with a Healthy Snack

Well, I’m certainly not promoting mindless eating as a good way to lower stress. However, when feeling hungry, a warm beverage accompanied by a delicious yet nutritious snack can comfort your body and mind. Whenever you get a few minutes of leisure, make yourself an easy and quick treat and enjoy it with a mug of hot tea or coffee!

Use Lavender Linen Spray

It’s known that lavender scent helps lower anxiety and stress levels. Spray your bed sheets and pillow with lavender linen spray before going to bed every night. This is a quick, easy yet incredibly effective way to calm down. You’ll find yourself going to sleep much quickly.

Use Adult Coloring Books or Apps

There’s something about coloring that creates a calming effect. As children, almost all of us loved to draw and color. Well, as adults too, we should color to relieve stress and anxiety. It’s scientifically proven that coloring lowers stress for adults and promotes relaxation. In fact, coloring produces the effects like that of meditation. Coloring was used as a “prescription” for adults by renowned psychologist, Carl Jung. He considered the activity of coloring as highly helpful and effective for the human mind. Moreover, according to a clinical psychologist named Ben Michael’s, coloring is an activity that instills peace and it creates effects of relaxation on the amygdala – the fear center of the brain.

I color for a few minutes everyday whenever I get some leisure time. I can feel my stress fading away, leaving me more peaceful, mindful and relaxed. Coloring even helps you focus better. If all this makes you want to start coloring, get a good adult coloring book or an adult coloring app. While a book would need you to sit down at a comfortable place with your box of crayons or pastels, with an app you can simply start coloring anywhere, whether at home or on the go.

There are many great adult coloring apps available out there. One of my favorites is Stress Relief Adult Coloring Book. It has many galleries you would really love like Yoga, Flowers, Florals & Paisley, Fashion, Women, Desert, Fantasy Faces, Mandalas and many more… You can find the app in Apple Store, Google Play Store and Amazon. Start coloring today and feel the difference!


Well, it’s certainly difficult to find time to exercise when you have a thousand other things to do. However, remember that even if you can take out just 10 minutes to do exercise at your home, it can work wonders for your mood. Simple stretching or yoga is also a great option. If you require some effective and quick instructions, there are lots of affordable DVDs you can make use of.

Read a Magazine, Book or Watch a Light TV Show

Again, for busy moms, it’s hard to find time out to read or watch TV during the day. So, a good way to wind down is to read a magazine or a book before going to bed. Reading, even if it’s just for a few minutes, can help you relax. Watching TV is another great way to wind down, provided you’re not watching TV for hours sitting on a couch. Watching TV for a few minutes serves as a great way to escape from our daily stress.

Get a Hot Shower

Taking a shower before going to bed serves as an effective way to wind down after a long, hectic day. Indulge in your favorite soaps and lotions to relieve stress instantly and relax.

Take Deep Breaths

Sounds simple, but is highly effective! Whenever you feel frustrated or overwhelmed, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. It’ll really help!

Have a Hobby or Passion

A passion or hobby is an effective way to relieve stress. We all have things we love to do. It may be making a scrapbook or craft, or planting plants and looking after them in your garden. Doing what you love to do will help you relax. So, find what you love to do and lose yourself in it for some time! It’s a great way to wind down and you’ll return with increased energy to deal with challenges!

Have a flexible work schedule


If your stress levels have reached a good height, consider having a flexible work schedule. Ask your employer to rearrange your work schedule, like having every alternate Friday off or working 4 days a week instead of 5. This may need you to take a pay cut, but it may be worth it to reduce your stress levels and strike a balance between your work and children.

However, if it’s not possible to have a flexible work schedule, choose one weekend day or an evening when you can keep your focus on your family solely. So, during that time, switch off your laptop, leave the phone at home, and head to the playground. Apart from helping you have quality time with your children, such play time would recharge your batteries and help you go back to work refreshed and less stressed.

Treat Your Personal Time like Appointments

Your personal time is important for you and it’s important to the health of your family as well. Personal time can mean sitting by yourself, visiting a close friend, getting nails done or running around for your family. Whatever you do during this personal time, it’s important to relieve stress. Consider your personal time as an appointment and encourage your family members to do this too.’

Get a Housekeeper

A clean home makes things better. So, why not hire a housekeeper so that you can look after yourself and your family in a better way? You can head for outdoors with your children, have an adventure, do something fun with them or teach them new skills, and return to a tidy home. With a housekeeper, you won’t face the pressure of doing both, while being dissatisfied that none of them got your full attention. This is a great way to get some more time to enjoy with your kids.

As a busy mom, build-up of stress is quite common for you. These tips would help you de-stress and deal with the challenges more efficiently. When you are calm, you can be a better version of yourself both at work as well as home. So, start applying these tips to make your day-to-day life more peaceful and joyous.

Are you a busy mom? What are the ways you keep yourself calm and handle your responsibilities in a stress-free way? Please share with our readers.

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  1. Hi Selena, I love all your suggestion! I’m a mother of 3 kids and I could totally use your list to combat my stressful days. I had been using a lavender linen spray for years and it does help me feel calm and gives me a good night’s sleep. Thank you so much for the post!

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