In order to have a great stress free trip you need to prepare for it Check out these six ways to ensure family fun when traveling traveling familytravel roadtriptips

With Summer coming up, there is sure to be a ton of family vacations and mini trips. With four kids, this can be both fun and trying. The goal of any family trip is to have fun. Our friend Trevor has come up with a great list of tips to help ensure family fun while traveling!

No matter the time of year, you can always make room for family fun in your schedule. But to have a great trip while remaining as stress-free as possible, you need to prepare for it!

6 Ways to Ensure Family Fun When Traveling

In order to have a great stress free trip you need to prepare for it Check out these six ways to ensure family fun when traveling traveling familytravel roadtriptips

These are six ways to ensure family fun when traveling:

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1. Keep kids distracted and well-fed when on the road

A common worry for parents is their kids acting up during a car trip. To combat this scenario and keep the kids at bay, make sure they’re playing a game, reading a book, or munching on some snacks. Don’t hesitate to bring multiple sources of distraction that can take up their time! Traveling to the destination will be a lot smoother since there are fewer interruptions and tantrums to worry about during it.

2. Follow an itinerary but be flexible

Plan a schedule and itinerary for your trip, make reservations for all lodgings, buy event tickets early. You want to make the most out of your free time and avoid the headache of wondering what to do next. But despite having an itinerary, be flexible with activities. You never know what kinds of free events and sight-seeing may come across your path.

3. Put down the camera and phone

It’s tempting to capture every single moment that happens, but doing so might end up in you experiencing your entire trip through a lens instead of in person. This is a precious time that can never be taken back once it has passed. Overall, the best way to sustain a great memory is to stay in the present moment with your children and be happy alongside them. Don’t worry about taking too many pictures or videos.

4. Take advantage of family lodging packages

Choose lodging that accommodates to the kids but still manages to give you some breathing room. Personal space during trips for parents is crucial since you also need some time to unwind and decompress if the kids are busy playing or taking a nap. If there’s a family package at a hotel, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it. Plus, kids and adults usually don’t go to bed at the same time.

5. Stay organized

You need to have an organized car, luggage, and wallet! Keep identification and tickets in designated wallet pockets; you never want to leave anything behind at the hotel. Your baggage should have everything neatly tucked and folded, and the car should be kept clean at all times. Being organized removes the anxiety and stress of forgetting essential items, prevents your mind from feeling chaotic, and prepares you to take on sudden circumstances with ease.

6. Pack light but smart

There’s no need to overpack! Only bring the absolute essentials and don’t bother with things you never use in the first place or have no use in the climate of your destination. For example, you won’t need a heavy coat when splashing around during summer activities! If possible, combine everyone’s things into one or two suitcases to lighten the load.

Amazing Tips for Family Travel with Kids

What matters on a family trip is that everyone is having fun. As long as you prepare ahead of time and stay organized, you won’t have to worry about feeling lost during unexpected situations. Last but not least, don’t take yourself and the trip so seriously. Yes, mishaps happen here and there, but they will be learning experiences you can utilize when taking on the next family trip and may even be some of the best stories to tell.

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What are your tips for family travel with kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Great tips. I am an especially big fan of following an itinerary, but staying flexible. Sometimes we just throw the itinerary out the window (figuratively, of course) and give in to the excitement of the day!

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