Caveman Coffee Co. Product Review

Coffee.  It is one of the major sources of fuel for many parents.  I am one of those people that has to have a cup (or three) daily to function.  Most of the time, I purchase Starbucks brand beans or some other nicer blend from the grocery store. Once a week, I buy a nice brew of coffee from a local coffee shop.  That was all until I received a bag of Caveman Coffee Co to do a product review on!

I thought I had tasted great coffee before.  That thought went out the window when I tried my first cup of Caveman Coffee Co, The Ethiopian.  I have always enjoyed a french press cup of coffee over an automatic machine.  The Ethiopian is the ideal brewed french press.  Even when served black, this bean brought so much flavor!

The First Cup Caveman Coffee Co:

Caveman Coffee Co sounds like a rough and tumbles coffee, but don’t let the name throw you!  It’s great for the guys, but it is strong enough for a woman too!

Upon pouring my cup full of coffee, I sat down at the kitchen table with my best friend.  (She also loves coffee, so there was no way I couldn’t involve her in this taste test!)  Even though I do not drink coffee black, I decided I would like to get the full effect of the flavor.  The first thing we noticed was this lovely light scent of blueberries.  The aroma was much gentler than most blends, but yet still strong.  The first sip was great, but the aftertaste is really what got me!  There were very significant notes of citrus.

After enjoying several sips of black, I added a teaspoon of sugar.  I had a good 8 oz or more in my cup, so this is very minimal sugar for my coffee.  The result was crazy!  That tiny bit of sugar actually brought out the citrus notes more.  After that, I added a teaspoon of milk.  Simply stated, it was HEAVENLY!   In basic comparisons, it is like Starbucks > Instant Coffee.  Except, this is definitely Caveman Coffee > Starbucks.  Impressed is an understatement!

So, What’s My Opinion of Caveman Coffee Co The Ethiopian?

If you hadn’t figured it out by now, I loved it!  If the flavor wasn’t enough for you, the facts are even cooler!.  The Ethiopian is Certified Paleo, Rain-forest alliance Certified, and UTZ certified.  That is something most brands cannot even come close to!

If you are anything like me, your next questions are how do I order and how much is it.  I completely understand!  There are several different varieties, cold brew, nitro brew, even different tea brews.   Top that off with the choices from whole beans to k-cups, this is your one-stop coffee shop!

Caveman Coffee Co

Monthly Coffee Subscription?! Seriously?!

Not only can you order this blend and many more on their site, but you can also actually sign up for their monthly coffee subscription!  That’s right, high-quality coffee sent to your doorstep at an amazing price!  By selecting the coffees to be sent monthly, fresh to your doorstep, you save 10% and get other greet products free!

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All parents deserve to splurge now and again.  If you are looking for a great value, with an even greater product, this is it.  Head on over to and check out their awesome monthly coffee subscription, different blends, and more!

Disclaimer:  I received this product free in exchange for my honest reviews.  All opinions stated are my own, honest reviews.  That means if the product sucked, I’d honestly tell you! 🙂  ~Alicia

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