Anxiety Makes Me Anxious

By Shayna Brazier

Self Help / Humor

 Anxiety Makes Me Anxious

“Anxiety Is Like Gas”

One thing all mom’s have in common is a lack of time and more to do than hours in the day.  So what do you do when you have extreme anxiety on top of that?  Well, if you’re anything like the author of Anxiety Makes Me Anxious, you laugh!  Shayna Brazier brings a humorous, but insightful view to living with anxiety.  With a lead in of “Anxiety is Like Gas,” I knew instantly I would love this book!

As a mom also suffering with an anxiety disorder, I could totally relate to her!  This book was a wonderfully refreshing read.  Through a colorful lens, she brings a new view to the realities of living with anxiety.  I found myself laughing right along with her as she shared her life and advice.   The comic style illustrations added a whole other element of delight to the book, and added to the humor.  Reading this felt like chit chatting with an old friend.

Whether you live with anxiety or not, her insights are sure to inspire you. She shows through real life examples the importance of not taking yourself too serious.  This quick read is one you will not want to put down!

Have you read Anxiety Makes Me Anxious?  

If you haven’t, head on Here to check out a sample that is sure to please!

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