Shark Raincoat - Kidorable Product Review

Rain, rain go away. Come again another day! Every time it rains, little man starts to sing this fun little nursery rhyme. He absolutely loves water, and jumping in puddles. When the rain is falling though, that is a totally different story! With little man having autism, the rain falling is very unpredictable to him and startles him if it changes consistency at all! So when the amazing people at Kidorable reached out to with a possible solution, I was game! They immediately sent out Kidorable Shark Raincoat for us to try out. Sharks are his favorite animal and it could have not come on a better day!

If you’ve turned on the television in the last few weeks, you probably heard that Missouri got its second 500-year flood in 16 months! The rain fell for four days straight! On the first day of that rain, the kids and I were getting ready to head to the grocery store. My middle daughter went to get the van open for me to run little man out there in a hurry. When she opened the front door, she came running up to me with the magical box! His raincoat was there waiting for him! Obviously, they couldn’t have planned that, but so happy that it worked out so perfect.

So we brought it in, opened it up, and got him in his new shark coat! He absolutely loved it! We went and found his rain boots (I need to order the matching shark rain boots too!) and delayed the shopping trip a little bit! He played with his shark in the rain, squealing in delight! After many puddles, I was eventually able to talk him into going to the store. There, little man in his shark raincoat brought so many smiles! So many moms and grandmas were coming up to us asking where we got such an adorable jacket! It was definitely a hit!

Kidorable Shark Raincoat Review

Thankfully, it was raining for four days because little man was not going to take that shark rain jacket off! He even wore it in the bathtub! Bright side, I can tell you this is the most durable rain jacket I have ever seen! After his bath, I just wrung it out and hung it up on its adorable hangar to dry. The next day, it was just as water-resistant as the when we got it out of the box!

The shark raincoat far exceeded my expectation of what a rain jacket should be! It’s flexible, it’s durable, and it’s all-around cute! I love that it doesn’t just kind-of resemble a shark, it actually looks like a high quality costume! It has teeth, fins, and a tail! The two pockets in front are equally as cute! One is a shark with the opening of the mouth being the pocket. The other is a wave with another shark in it! The sleeves also incorporate the waves, the gills, and shark food (I mean fish, lol).

I can attest to the fact there are zero negatives about this jacket. The shark raincoat is absolutely high quality and amazing design! If you little one isn’t into sharks as, that’s okay. They have a ton of adorable designs from princesses, fire fighters, frogs, and more! Add that in with their adorable boots and umbrellas, you’ll have the cutest and driest kid on the block!

Shark Raincoat - Kidorable Product Review

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