For those discerning food lovers, the dim sim may have been your gateway into a world of delicious and exotic cuisine. The humble dim sim found its way everywhere, from school canteens to fish and chip shops in Australia, giving many of us a sample of oriental cuisine.

But what exactly is a dim sim, and where did it come from? This article will go through the dim sim and the origins of this delicious snack.

The Origin and History of Dim Sim

Influenced by China and originating in Australia, the Dim Sim is an internationally beloved savory snack with a long history and legacy. While many might think that it’s an Asian invention, this is not the case. The dish first appeared as early as the 1940s, created by Chinese immigrants in Australia.

It was based on the famous Chinese dumplings but made for an Australian pallet. It spread in popularity throughout the country, mainly due to Chinese restauranteurs. Today, Dim Sims are enjoyed by Australians, young and old alike, and are even available globally via specialty frozen foods markets.

What is dim sim? Influenced by China and originating in Australia, the Dim Sim is an internationally beloved savory snack with a long history and legacy.

What is a Dim Sim Made From

The iconic dim sim is known for its delicious savory flavor we all know and love, but what ingredients make up these morsels of deliciousness? While most of us have speculated on what is inside dim sims, the answer is quite simple.

These tasty treats are usually made from various ingredients, including cabbage, celery, mushrooms, carrots, and pork, in a concentrated broth that is cooked until it becomes heavy and thick. The dumpling wrappers vary but typically consist of pastry or dough wrapped in a thicker consistency than traditional dim sum dumplings.

How Is It Cooked and Served

You can cook dim sims in many different ways; it all comes down to personal preference. Some may like steamed, while others might like fired. The most popular ways to cook dim sims include steaming or frying in hot oil. While it is possible to bake or air-fry dim sims, they don’t produce the same results.

Traditionally they are served as an appetizer with soy sauce and dipping vinegar on the side. They can accompany Asian or Chinese dishes or as a standalone snack throughout the day or at home.

The Different Types of Dim Sims Available in Australia

The iconic dim sim comes in many different forms. Some you will recognize, and some a little less popular. While there are so many options and variations, let’s look at some of the most popular dim sims available in Australia.

What is dim sim? Influenced by China and originating in Australia, the Dim Sim is an internationally beloved savory snack with a long history and legacy.

Marathon Dim Sim

Marathon is the most popular brand of dim sims available in Australia, with these dim sims having the most significant reach nationally. If you have ever made dim sims at home or bought them from your local fish n chip shop, then it’s likely that you’ve used the marathon brand of dim sims purchased from your local grocery. They are made with the typical ingredients and use 100% Australian Beef or Lamb.

South Melbourne Market Dim Sim

The South Melbourne Market Dim Sim is also popular in Australia due to its unique and delicious flavor. These dim sims are made with pork, prawns, and vegetables, steamed or boiled. What separates them is the shape, as these are much larger than the typical dim sims and have a delicious savory flavor profile that will have you coming back for more.

Kwok Cheung Food Home Made Dim Sim

Kwok Cheung Food is a family-owned business in Victoria that has been making dim sims for decades. They are known for their unique and delicious dim sim recipes, including the classic pork and vegetable combination and specialty flavors such as prawn, beef, lamb, and mushroom. These are made fresh rather than frozen making them an extra special treat.


Dim sims have indeed stood the test of time, as they remain popular snacks among Australians today. This national treasure has lasted generations and will surely last many generations. It is a testament to our multicultural society and our willingness to innovate in the face of diversity.

We hope this post has given you some insight into this delicious snack to inspire you to continue your culinary explorations. Long live the dimmy!

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