Children who brush their teeth twice per day every day are less likely to experience dental health problems as they mature and move into adulthood. Despite this, research has found that 1 in 3 children don’t brush their teeth often enough.

How to Encourage Children To Brush Their Teeth Regularly

Children with autism may not like the feeling of brushing, while other children may forget or not like doing it. But as regular tooth brushing is one of the essential parts of a child’s daily routine, you must do all you can to encourage your children to brush their teeth regularly.

Regular tooth brushing is one of the essential parts of a child's daily routine, you must encourage your children to brush their teeth regularly.
A child with a dentist in a dental office. Dental treatment in a children’s clinic.

Make toothbrushing fun

45% of parents say getting their children to brush their teeth is difficult. When you’re a child, oral hygiene can feel like a chore. Keep your kids interested by making the whole toothbrushing routine fun. Young children should be allowed to choose their toothbrushes and toothpaste from the store.

Children with autism may need to try a few brushes and toothpaste to get the style, texture, and flavor that works for them. Then, it would be best to find what keeps your kids’ attention while brushing. This could be dancing along to a song, jogging on the spot, or watching something on a tablet. Little children tend to be motivated by rewards so a sticker chart could work well.

Explain why dental hygiene is essential.

Children are more likely to do something if they understand why they’re doing it. Bring your child into the bathroom and explain why you need pea-sized amount of toothpaste. As you brush, please explain why you’re doing it and how. Brush the top teeth first, then stop and show your child how clean they are compared to the bottom before brushing the rest of your teeth.

Making regular family trips to your local family dental clinic. would be best. Always choose one that provides children’s dental services, emergency treatments, family dentistry, and teeth cleaning. This way, your whole family’s teeth will be protected. Explain who a dentist is to your child, what they do, and their role in looking after your teeth, so they learn to trust them rather than fear them – something almost 20% of children admit to.

How to Encourage Children To Brush Their Teeth Regularly

Add it to their routine.

Just 58% of parents have made brushing their teeth part of their children’s daily routine. Research has found that routine is crucial for children as it helps their mental health, prepares them for adulthood, and makes them feel safe. Children with autism crave routine and find it challenging when it’s not followed. With this in mind, make toothbrushing something that happens after certain activities or at particular times of the day.

How to Encourage Children To Brush Their Teeth Regularly

Many children aren’t looking after their teeth as well as they should. As a parent, it’s your job to make these times of the day fun and exciting and remind kids that it’s a must-do task. These tips and tricks will help you do that and achieve oral hygiene success.

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