Having children can be a pivotal and much-desired step in your marriage.  Growing a family is a top priority for many people.  While there is so much joy in parenting, it is easy to find yourself putting your relationship on the back burner.  Balancing Marriage and children can be challenging, but it is doable!  Making your relationship a priority will benefit your whole family in the long run. 

Losing the focus on your relationship can happen in any situation.  Whether you work out of the home, stay at home, or work from home, this type of burnout is something to watch.  With just a little extra effort from the two of you, your relationship can be as sizzling as ever! Check out this relationship advice.

Balancing Marriage and Children: Making your relationship a priority

That being said, you should never stay in a relationship that has become dangerous or abusive.  According to Matthew Hand, a domestic violence lawyer in Denver, “every minute nearly 20 Americans are abused by their partners….”

However, if you want to reignite that spark, there’s plenty of room for growth! Check out these simple ways of balancing marriage and children while prioritizing your relationship!

Communication is Key!

Though no relationship is perfect, communication is the key to making your relationship great. When problems occur, don’t let them fester. When people allow their problems to build up, they often in arguments and yelling. Communicate with your loved one. Let them know how you’re feeling and get an update on their feelings.

Open communication does take trust and allowing yourself to become vulnerable.  While many people can verbally express their emotions, others cannot. One way to get around this discomfort is to write it down.  Pen a letter to your loved one and let them know how you are feeling.  You can also put in that letter that you struggled to speak about how you feel. 

Balancing Marriage and children can be tough, but is doable!  Making your relationship a priority will benefit your whole family #relationships #parentingtips #relationshipadvice

Don’t hesitate to talk about lack of intimacy to fix your intimate life. Physical intimacy is a big thing in marriage. It creates a unique spark that makes a marital relationship romantic and worth being faithful to. On the other hand, a failing physical intimacy could result in stagnation and boredom, increasing the risk of having a third-party or extramarital affair.  

Also, don’t be afraid to talk about good feelings too!  If your spouse does something you appreciate or admire, let them know.  Giving compliments can go a long way!

Staying happy in a relationship takes effort. Consciously decide to work at Making your relationship a priority.

Making Time for Each Other

As parents, we often find ourselves busier by the day.  Between schools, doctors’ appointments, sports, and clubs, it’s no wonder we forget to take care of ourselves!  Balancing marriage and children means you must make time for each other.

Moreover, you can also join community groups to participate in environmental activities and volunteer work. Now that you have a stable income and a happy family make helping others your newfound hobby. That way, you’ll feel good doing worthy causes together as a couple and become a blessing to other people.

Be creative, resourceful, and helpful. These qualities are the keys to finding and starting a hobby that can help nurture your marriage. Sometimes, it’s just finding five-ten minutes a day with each other.  Other times, it’s getting away as a couple for a night or weekend.   Here are a few ideas for making your relationship a priority!

Start a Hobby Together

Watching your partner learn how to do something new can be very intoxicating. Your partner will seem smarter and more sophisticated, even if they’re not good at the new hobby. Watching people try to stretch themselves and learn new things is exciting.  Ideas you can try are learning how to cook, attending a painting class, hiking, or learning a new language together.  

Sometimes relationships feel stale because you’ve been doing the same thing daily.  By learning together, you develop new skills to help you grow as a person and couple.

Go on Dates

When you and your spouse started courting, you often went on dates.  Maybe it was to a fancy restaurant, or just to the park or movies.  Either way, the whole time was focused on building your relationship as a couple.

Now that you have kids, that doesn’t mean these alone times together aren’t needed anymore.  On the contrary, you need these dates even more now!  Find a babysitter that fits your family’s needs and schedule a fun date night for the two of you. 

You can find many married couple dating ideas online on dating and relationship websites and social media pages. Make yours unique by personalizing your dating experience, such as cooking homemade recipes and setting up a lit dinner date in your deck. 

Moreover, a family date is a fantastic experience wherein you can bring your children to your favorite dating places when you and your spouse are still getting to know each other. Then will help you relive good memories to spark your relationship.

Use Routines For Your Benefit

Making time for each other can be tricky, but it is doable!  When you have children, you develop routines and structures to benefit them. Make it a stay-at-home date by planning a night around those routines. 

Have a fun dinner with the family, then put the kids to bed. You can watch a steamy movie with some wine and snacks. Or you can go star-gazing. Hang out in the backyard on a cloudless night and make smores. That way, you and your spouse can spend uninterrupted time together every night!

Balancing Marriage and children can be tough, but is doable!  Making your relationship a priority will benefit your whole family #relationships #parentingtips #relationshipadvice

Balancing Marriage and Children: Making your relationship a priority

With the right amount of time and effort, your marriage can grow even while parenting your children!   

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