As a mom of four, two with autism spectrum disorder, I am always busy!  Having two children on the spectrum means we at least have one melt down a day in our home.  Our youngest is two, and though we call him little man, he is far from little!  Picking him up (especially when he doesn’t want me to) pulls on my back and muscles a lot!  I’d love to go to the chiropractor or massage therapist, but time and money often work against me.  Luckily, pain management at home is an option for the worn-out care giver!

Over the years, I have found a few tried and true options for pain management at home.  Of course, my go to is to have my husband rub my shoulders for me, but that isn’t always an option.  Having four children, two of which have autism, wears us both out!  Combine that with him working outside the home, and I must resort to things I can do myself!

Here, I have compiled my list of my 7 best pain management at home options.  These are all methods I have used myself, many recommended by physical therapists over the years.  Hope this helps bring you some relief as well!  As a side note, remember to drink plenty of water!  The first way to wear those muscles down is by not staying hydrated!

7 Best at home Pain Management options

Topical Creams:

One of the quickest methods (and why I listed it first) is a topical analgesic (big word for painkiller).   The most commonly used, and most powerful, is menthol.  That is simply because menthol causes a wonderful cooling effect when topically applied.   There are so many to choose from, but my favorite by far is Zim’s Max Freeze.  It is not only one of the fastest working one, but it is also highly affordable and doesn’t stink!  I love that I can put it on and not have to worry about going out smelling like a spearmint plant.

Epsom Salt Bath:

When I have more than one area bothering me, taking a hot bath with Epsom Salt is the best thing I can do!  Just place a cup or so of Epsom salt in your bath water after it starts running, soak, and enjoy.  The best part, this is super cheap and has multiple other uses!  I’ve even used a small blend of Epsom salt in my garden before.

Heating pads & Warm water bottles:

Sometimes, the only time you get to take time to yourself is in those few minutes of sleep.  Another great way to reduce muscle pain and joint pain is by applying warmth to the area.   Heating pads are great, with many turning off automatically after so much time as gone by.  Another great option is an old fashion hot water bottles.  Just fill it up with water at the temperature that works best for you, apply and relax.  No worries about how far away from an outlet you are or staying awake to turn something off.

Pineapple or Tart Cherry Juice:

Hard to believe, but drinking one of these two juices is one of the best pain management at home options. Both juices contain and enzyme called Bromelain.  Bromelain is anti-inflammatory that can help relieve those sore achy muscles.  If you don’t like the taste of either of these juices (they are strong), then you can always opt for a bromelain supplement.


Remember how I said massage is my go to, but not always an option?  Well, there are some self-massage options that you can do to relieve sore muscles.  One great benefit from rubbing your own muscles, is that you can control the amount of pressure.  The down side is you can’t reach certain pressure points on you back and neck.  That’s where the Thera Cane Massager becomes the best self-massage tool.  It can reach all the spots you can’t, and can be placed directly on pressure points for almost instant relief.


Many of us still think of yoga in one of two ways.  Either it’s a hippy thing or a hipster thing.  As common as yoga has always been, not everybody understands the benefits to some basic yoga.  Daily yoga is best, but even some basic stretches for your neck and back when sore will go a long way.

Essential Oils:

Another surprising option for pain management at home is essential oils.  There are so many different oils and combinations that work for muscles (and 1000’s of other uses).  The oils most recommended for muscle tension are lavender, chamomile, peppermint, and marjoram.   You just mix a couple drops of one of these with a few drops of olive or coconut oil and apply directly to the area of pain.  I am completely lazy though, and I prefer a pre-made roll on. My favorite is Muscle Ease by Nature’s Truth.  It is a roll-on blend that is small enough to keep in my purse and works amazing!

These are my top 7 options for pain management at home.  If you are having any pains that are severe, just don’t seem right, ongoing pain, or have had a recent injury, please contact your doctor for advice.

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