What’s the latest with regards to drinking filtered water? A recent DIY water treatment guide by CleanerSofterWater.com led to the discovery that hard water has adverse effects on our skin. How can we bypass these effects of hard water on our beautiful skin?
Quite simply: by drinking filtered water (hard water that has most likely been passed through a water softener to convert it to soft water). Here are ten amazing skin benefits of drinking filtered water:

Ten Amazing Skin Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water:

Drinking filtered water helps reduce the chances of skin diseases

Hard water leaves a mineral deposit on your skin, which can block pores and make your skin feel dry. This makes your skin scaly with residue and could lead to an increase in skin-related diseases such as eczema. Filtered water reduces the probability of having these skin-related diseases.

Enhances Hydration

Filtered water helps the skin deliver the appropriate moisture needed. It also replenishes the skin cells; increasing its elasticity in the process. Skin hydration is also essential for people with dehydrated skin; drinking of filtered water comes to the rescue! Hydration of the skin also makes it glow.

Expels Body odor

Tap water having being chlorinated has the chances of retaining a bad smell. This could have a negative impact on your skin; leading to body odor. Why not try out filtered water?

Reduces Skin Wrinkling

Your skin is an organ and comprises of many cells as the rest of the body organs. These cells are also made up of water. If your skin is not getting sufficient water, it presents itself as being dry, tight, and flaky. Dry skin leads to less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling.

Anti-aging effects

Drinking both unfiltered water and filtered water both have benefits. However, to get all the anti-aging benefits of drinking water without worrying about contaminants and chemicals, filtered water has proven to be the best. Having an acid neutralizer in your home ensures you have water at neutral pH levels.

Getting a reverse osmosis system could assist in removing chemicals, heavy metals, and a wide range of contaminants which have eccentric effects on your skin aging process.

Gives Your Skin a Radiant Glow

One of the factors that cause your skin’s dullness is regular lime scales from unfiltered water. Use of purified water helps keep your skin clear of toxins and chemicals that contribute to your skin dreariness.

Strengthening of the skin barrier

To strengthen your body, try consuming water high in antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients that boost collagen production. Filtered water often provides these benefits.

Helps the skin in thermoregulation

The skin’s function in thermoregulation is indeed a tasking one- keeping cool under hot conditions. Working outdoors under the blazing heat could be solved by drinking filtered water as it increases your skin’s moisture levels.


With the amount of junk consumed these days, drinking of water- especially filtered water is particularly fitting for the detoxification of all parts of the body, including the most significant organ, the skin.

Amazing Skin Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

Your skin deserves to be pampered. One good way of enabling this is by drinking filtered water. Keep in mind, when drinking filtered water you might be eliminating other important minerals such as fluoride. Make sure to always discuss changes in your diet with your doctor.

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