The global impact of coronavirus has been massive. Schools are closing and employees are being forced to work from home. Millions of parents have found themselves working remotely which has caused extra challenges as they try to find the balance between looking after their children and getting their work done at home.

4 Tips for Parents Working from Home During Coronavirus

Everyone who has found themselves in this position is quickly having to figure out the best ways to work from home. As someone who works from home and knows a lot of other remote workers, over the years I’ve learned some of the best ways to work to ensure I stay happy and productive.

Get ready as if you’re leaving the house

One thing that often happens when people start working from home is that they stay in their pajamas or not take a shower in the morning. For some people who hate the daily chore of getting ready, this can seem like an appealing option. However, if you get prepared as if you were still traveling to work this will help you wake up and will psychologically prepare you for the day ahead.

Finally, to help you wind down at the end of the day, don’t forget to get change back into your comfies as if you’d actually been into work. This will help you subconsciously realize that the working day is over and you can switch off and relax.

Separate work and home

When working from home during the Coronavirus outbreak, one of the hardest things to do is separating work life and home life. If you work where you usually relax, it can be hard to switch off at the end of the day.

One way to get around this is by creating a designated workspace where you don’t spend any of your leisure time. It might be tempting to work on your big dining room table, but you can quickly find yourself not enjoying your evening meal as you associate sitting at the table with doing work.

At the end of the day when you’ve finished work, leave your workspace and you’ll be able to switch off from work. This works better if you can actually leave your house altogether. Nip to the shop or go on a quick jog before returning home as if you’re coming back after work.

Keep kids out of the way

If you’re trying to work from home and you have kids running around it can be a considerable challenge. You need to communicate with your children and let them know what they can and can’t do. If your children are home-schooling, set them a schedule to work from so that they know what they’re doing and set up a home workspace for them.

If your kids aren’t in school, then make sure you have plenty of fun things to keep them occupied so they don’t run into your room while you’re on a conference call! Having a lock on your office door can also really help you out as well.

Ensure good work setup

Just because you’re working from home during the coronavirus outbreak, this doesn’t mean you should compromise an ergonomically sound workspace. A poor work setup can cause long term physical injuries. Make sure that you have a good posture, that your head is forward-facing and in line with your monitor and that you sit in an upright position.

Follow the full OSHA guidelines to reduce stress on your body and the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders.

Parents Working from Home During Coronavirus

One final piece of advice is to create a new routine for your child at home. This routine should mimic a combination of current school and home routines. There are ta ton of great resources like zoo cams, free online learning, and even museum tours. No matter what your child’s needs are, these tips for children with autism during coronavirus quarantine are amazing!

Coronavirus is causing a lot of change in people’s lives and many people are having to adapt very quickly. We hope you liked these tips for working from home during Coronavirus and that you’ll continue to have a happy and healthy time working from home.

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