Every child expects a gift on his or her birthday. It is the responsibility of parents to give them meaningful gifts that the children would also love. Excellent toys can stimulate concentration, manual skills, vocabulary, and memory. Visit Theminnieco.com.au for more mind-blowing ideas for your children’s birthday. 

7 Mind-blowing Gift Ideas for Your Children’s Birthday

LEGO Boost

It is a creative toolbox with a motorized LEGO hub and different pieces. It is a beginner-friendly game with step-by-step challenges to help the children learn and expand their programming skills. It enables the children to build things using pieces of lego equipped with sensors. This is one of the best toys for children that parents can give as a gift. Not only is LEGO impressive in appearance and playability, but it also promotes the child’s development.

Walkie Talkies

The walkie-talkie has a 3KM wireless communication (outdoor field) function. The walkie-talkie can send signals. It has a flashlight, charging, and battery function, offering two charging methods. Walkie-talkies are effective for children as they can use them to play with their siblings or friends. The children can communicate with one another while they complete a mission. Walkie-talkies improve teamwork and collaboration. 

Hot Wheels Mega Shark Garage

This toy has the capacity to hold more than 90 cars. It also has an automatic elevator for two cars. The children love metal cars, especially boys. Therefore, a parking garage will be a gift that a child will love on his birthday. In addition to multiplying the possibilities of playing with the cars, the toy offers a storage and organization system for the cars. This super Hot Wheels garage not only offers the possibility of storing the cars but also offers different forms of games: going up the elevator, racing between two cars, etc.

Rocket with Playmobil launch pad

It is a mobile platform. It has a removable space capsule attached to the Mars station. The toy has more than 100 parts and light and sound effects. It stimulates creativity and imagination and encourages role play. Any curious child would love to have it. This space rocket will further increase the curiosity of children regarding space. 

Lego Super Mario Starter Pack

It includes Mario’s figure with interactive expressions. In addition, it includes two enemies and interactive bricks. The game can be expanded with other Lego Mario packs or with other Lego pieces. The Lego Super Mario sets allow a child to physically enter the world of Super Mario video games through the Lego bricks. The Mario figure has facial expressions, makes sounds, and accumulates scores. The child can create various scenarios, modify them with their own Lego pieces or even extend them with other Lego Super Mario sets such as Adventures with Luigi, Bowser’s Castle, Piranha Plants Challenge, etc.

Excavation of dinosaur fossils

This game includes 46 pieces spread over 4 excavation blocks to be discovered. It includes archaeological tools necessary to discover and reconstruct the skeletons of a T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, and Brachiosaurus. The game also includes a book with full-color illustrations to learn all about your favorite dinosaurs and the reason for their extinction. Almost all children have been fascinated and curious about dinosaurs and why they disappeared at some point in their childhood. This archeology game for children answers all those questions kids have about dinosaurs from a practical point of view. 

Adventurers to the Train Board Game

It enables the children to travel through the main cities of Europe on a new map. Board games are a perfect excuse to spend a pleasant time with the family, but if the game has complicated rules or lasts too long, the little ones tend to get bored and frustrated. This is a fun board game but with a shorter duration and easier rules to understand.


Children should be given gifts that are not only fun but also expand their knowledge. This article contained a list of 7 meaningful gifts that children would love to have.  

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