Kid’s rooms are messy! Having four kids of my own, I can attest to that!  Toys, books, stuffed animals, and more need to have Organizing solutions! So how do you do it?  Our friend Louise from Top Cleaning Services offers so amazing tips!  Check them out below

7 Quick ways to Organize a Kids Room

Guest post By Louis

Does your home always have scattered toys all over it? Or does your kid’s room look like a disastrous area every day after the games have stopped? Are your kid’s toys are constantly all over their room and the house?  This could be not only annoying, but it can get in the way of your cleaning.

Is your kid’s idea of organizing their toys is to just pile them up somewhere in their room? If so, you should think of a way to organize them more efficiently. This way, your child can follow through so that it gets easier for you to help clean their room.

Figuring out the right organizing solutions can save you a lot of time and stress in the future. It will make the room seem much nicer and not only organised but clean as well.  There are so many ways you can organize a kid room. There are many easy and affordable ways to store your kid’s toys and belongings. Here are a seven great ways to create the perfect organizing solutions!

7 Quick ways to Organize a Kids Room

Storage space under the bed 

Under bed storage is a great way to store items that you need quick access too (i.e. toys)  You can separate the toys by category – stuffed toys, plastic constructors, cars or Barbie dolls, etc. each type in a separate basket/crate and then they go under the bed.

Re-purposing Current Furniture
Another way to store your kid’s things is by investing or turning the furniture you already have into storage spaces. Wooden tables or chairs can be used as storage spaces – by adding one shelf under them you can put their books, some toys, crafts and art supplies for easier reach, etc

Recycling or Reusing Household Items 

Things such as paint brushes, markers, pens and pencils, etc. can become a mess you can re-purpose old mason jars or even old plastic ice cream boxes to store such things. They can be stored on top of each other or next to one another on the table or desk.

Shelves, Hangers, & Pegboards

Adding shelves, hangers or pegboard is also a great help End of Tenancy Cleaners of Balham’s advice is ” Shelves, Hangers, and Pegboards can be used to hang toys and get them off the floor.   This works great to get them out of your way when cleaning the floors.

Plastic Storage Containers

Big plastic transparent storage containers are sold in most stores.  You can use these to put away small toys like cars, barbies, trinkets, balls, etc. Instead of storing them under the bed (when there is no space), you can stack these on top of each other. This helps your children to be able to see what is inside.


Another fun organizational system is to use different sized, stacked trunks as storage space. Trunks are a fantastic way to store toys and keep them out of your way.  Plus, they add to the interior design of the room.

Built in Storage Space

Buying furniture with storage space built-in them is also a great way to store toys.  There are a lot of different types of furniture. The simplest and cheapest of these are ottomans that have space for storage.

You can even get more creative and combine some of these storage solutions and make your child‘s room easier to clean. Keeping your child’s room organized will help you cut down the time you spent cleaning. This will help to eliminate those piles of toys and books in the middle of the home!

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