Autism is a bio-neurological developmental disorder that typically starts before age 3, but can be (and often is) at older ages.  The current stats are that 1 in 54 children will fall on the autism spectrum.  

As we go into the month of April, you may be seeing more posts about autism.   So what exactly is World Autism Day, Autism Awareness Month, and what can I do to help? Check out those answers below:

What is World Autism Day?

World Autism Day is celebrated annually on April 2nd. Started in 2008, the United Nations enacted this day to help improve human rights. It is a day dedicated across the globe to help bring autism awareness and acceptance.

World Autism Awareness Day

What is Autism Awareness Month?

World Autism Awareness Day is amazing. What is more amazing than Autism Awareness Day? Autism Awareness Month! April is the month dedicated to bringing autism awareness and acceptance. With 1 in 54 children in the United States diagnosed with autism, awareness and acceptance are huge!

What Can I Do to Celebrate Autism Awareness & Acceptance?

The best thing you can do to celebrate this month is to learn about autism.  Education is the best avenue to take to acceptance.  Learning how to be accepting and understanding of those with autism will make a world of difference.  

Sesame Street actually has a new character named “Julia” who has autism.   While Sesame Street is considered a children’s’ show, I highly recommend watching some of these episodes! Elmo’s way of helping a friend learn how to be friends with Julia.

Celebrate World Autism Day

Finally, the most important thing you can do is be accepting and understanding.  Just because someone has autism, does not make them any less of a person than anyone else. Be willing to listen, care, and not judge.  One step at a time, we can make this world a great place for everyone!

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