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5 Simple Interior Design Tricks to Stay Sustainable

Are you looking for Interior Design Tricks to Stay Sustainable? Then keep reading for five of the easiest tips to get you started!

In 2020 the primary trend it’s about making your sustainable as possible. With a little adjustment to your place, you can easily make it more environmentally-friendly, and let the design of your interior show off this as well. It also gives the chance to be creative as well.

Interior Design Tricks to Stay Sustainable

By thinking of eco-friendly options to do things differently, you can find more distinctive ways to recycle and reuse. Here are some simple tips on how to have a more stylish and sustainable home this year. 

Use Sustainable Materials

Natural materials such as stone, marble, and good quality woodwork are more resilient and will create an elegant yet rustic style. Country-house chic is trending this year, which combines these two qualities.

Natural materials will last longer and have a timeless appeal. You’ll be helping to reduce the emissions produced by mass-manufacturing cheaper and impersonal synthetic items.

If you want to consider, larger-scale renovation gets in touch with some Residential Architects. You could even think about installing solar panels.

Take A Minimalist Approach

If you’ve taken hold of the Kon Mari Method, then your already kicking off the interior design tricks to stay sustainable! If not, no worries! This simple method is all about simplifying!

By organizing and decluttering your home, you’ll be making less of an impact and breathe a little easier in the space you already have. Moving towards minimalism also creates a clean look that modern design all aspires towards.

Color Schemes with a Benefit

White is a safe start as you can create as much light as possible in every room. Think about your energy consumption as well. If you do need to rely on electric lights, opt for durable LEDs mostly. These are more energy-efficient bulbs which will save you plenty on your electricity bill and will last you a long time. 

With white as the leading wall and ceiling color, you can have fun accessorizing in other colors. For frames and furnishings, blue and navy make a nice contrast and are very in this year.

Blue, in general, is trending, and it helps to create a calming atmosphere. Choose rug patterns with little bits of white to help reflect the light up. Doing this will help to scatter light around the room. 

Go Green with Plants

All rooms could use a touch of green life. Plants create a calming and positive atmosphere and eat up air pollution. Why not try making plant pots using recycled objects from around the house? Doing this is also an opportunity to get rid of some old junk.

If you have a lovely garden, keep it properly maintained as well. Set up a space to hang out with your friends and family. You can get second-hand garden furniture on sites such as freecycle.

Get Creative

A way to refurbish used furniture in your house using recycled materials is called upcycling. It’s a fun way to create unique items without wasting emissions on manufacturing and transporting new ones.

Once you get started upcycling, you’ll find that there a million uses for old things. You can decorate your home by making your own brick-a-brack and functional household items, without hardly spending any money.  

Interior Design Tricks to Stay Sustainable

A perfect way to express yourself is by making your own artwork. If not, you could ask someone you know, this way it’ll be more original. A third option to find more unique pieces is at an antique market or second-hand store. Look for whatever suits your personality and taste. 

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