Does starting a new year feel any different to you? For some people, it’s just another day, in another year. For moms, the day-to-day life carries on as usual. However, this is a perfect time to reflect and alter the aspects of your life that you wish functioned better. In 2020, make it a goal to be more organized by decluttering your home. After all, it will allow the regular daily routine to be more relaxed for the whole family.

Kick Off 2020 By Decluttering Your Home

When beginning your more-organized journey, the number one factor in succeeding is decluttering. Why? Clutter makes life harder and more stressful. Days are busy enough with getting kids ready, out the door, off to school, back home, making dinner, homework, and more.

The last thing you want to do in the middle of the daily chaos is taking the time to clean up and put things away. On top of that, having kids in the mix makes all that even more challenging.

decluttering your home

Every household has items that you don’t need. Things that consistently go untouched. Even things that we didn’t realize we had! Start this process with the kids as well.

Take a day over the weekend to dedicate to decluttering and organizing. Begin by making a list of all of the different categories you want to touch on, such as clothes, kitchen appliances, toys, tools, bathroom products, and so on.

Oy Ve! Toys, Toys, & More Toys!

decluttering your life

Toys can sometimes take over a home. Take every single toy that there is and put it in one location. Go through them one by one, with the children’s input on whether or not it should go or stay. This is a perfect way to show kids everything they own and help them to recognize what they don’t play with anymore.

After they have made their decisions, teach them about donating. You can donate toys to a local shelter, or donation center for kids that don’t have any toys at all.

decluttering your home

Time to Organize

Next, is putting everything away. This process should also be done with the kids to help them know where everything goes, so there will be no misunderstanding when it’s time for cleaning up.

Once you can see how much is left to stay, kick-off organizing with enough storage so that everything has its own home. A good idea when storing toys is using clear storage containers with labels. Having both will make it easy for children to put everything away on their own, as well as find what they are looking for when playing.

Continue this method with the entire home. Then, you will have only used one or two days to benefit the rest of your life going forward.

Kick Off 2020 By Decluttering Your Home

After you have decluttered and organized everything, you now have more time on your hands. After the kids are asleep, you won’t have anything else to focus on other than yourself. As a mom, it is essential to take time for yourself, and decluttering your home in 2020 will only help you do that and so much more!

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