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While I have worked a ton to better my dental health, proper hygiene, and care, getting my teeth properly aligned has been put off for so many reasons.  I have put off getting braces or aligners for years due to cost and the time needed.  My life is busy with being a mom of four kids while running my own business, so time is not something I have to spare.  

Over the last several years, I have prioritized taking better care of my teeth and overall health.  I have done a ton, but balancing the life of a mom and dental care is no easy task!  The very last step on my list to get done is straightening my teeth, and I want to check that off.  

I recently got the opportunity to team up with Aspen Dental to get the smile I have always dreamed of via their exclusive Motto clear aligners, and I could not be any happier!  

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Starting My Smile Journey With Motto By Aspen Dental! to see the very start of this adventure!

When you start your journey to that smile you deserve, you are assigned a Smile Advisor to help you through the process from start to finish.  The moment I heard my Smile Advisor Alexis on the other end of the phone line, I felt like I had known her forever! She made sure to walk me through every step of the process and what to expect.  

When it comes to any dental work, or anything new, I have a ton of anxiety!  A lot of this comes from some bad dental experiences as a child.  While I have worked through a ton of this, there is still that initial surge of anxiety that I must work past.  That is why I absolutely adore Alexis, my Smile Advisor.  She made sure I was at ease and helped talk me through the entire process.  She was so knowledgeable and so sweet!


After finishing up the paperwork, we had to get some scans of my teeth.  The first step was getting images via the panoramic X-ray and some pictures of my mouth.  Both steps were super easy, which helped me feel completely at ease before we even sat down with the doctor.

From there, we moved on to what I think is the coolest part of the entire process.  Instead of biting down on that yucky dental goo and sending that off to a lab for the impression, they did a complete 3D scan of my teeth right in the office!

The process was so easy and was done with this small device that sent the images directly into the computer system.  All from that scan, they were able to print a 3D model of my teeth! This is where your custom-crafted starter tray comes from.  Motto uses this precision technology to create innovative aligners that cost a fraction of what other in-office aligners cost.

After this, I met the dentist who will be working with me during my treatment.  He went over a ton of great information about how my teeth are currently and how my teeth would look when my smile journey is complete.  I love that the scans we did combine to make this awesome 3D before and after image!

There are many options for getting clear aligners, but one of the things that have stopped me from doing any of those DIY at-home aligners is the worry about not having a dentist involved.  The last thing I need is more anxiety and concerns over whether I took the impressions correctly or if my treatment plan is done correctly. With Aspen Dental having a real live dentist prescribing my aligners and a dedicated Smile Advisor, I know that I am getting the highest level of care at every step of this journey! 

While I have always wanted a straighter smile because that is one of the first things people notice, there is also how misaligned teeth affect your overall dental health. I have one tooth I have chipped several times now because of my crossbite.  It is overwhelmingly frustrating to wake up and realize that you have chipped your tooth in your sleep!  But getting my teeth the way they need to be has always been hampered by our budget.  

Discovering Motto is definitely a game-changer for me, and I know it will be for many others. Motto is quite literally the clear aligner designed with your time, budget, and lifestyle in mind. Most other teeth straightening options require full payment before starting. On the other hand, Aspen set up Motto treatment to be affordable to everyone with multiple ways to pay and special lending options available.

Plus, the MottoAssured™ promise sealed the deal on this concern for me. If your smile doesn’t meet your expectations at the end of your treatment plan after wearing your aligners as recommended, they will work with you on additional changes needed to get you to your ideal smile. 

The last part of the Motto consultation is the ‘Tray One on Day One’ step.  When my appointment was done, I walked out with my custom-crafted Starter Tray and whitening gel. The starter tray I was given will allow me to start the whitening process right away and prevent my teeth from shifting any further while I wait for my first aligner to arrive. 

Being autistic, one concern in the back of my mind would be handling the different sensations of wearing aligners.  I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly I adjusted to the aligners. Plus, getting to whiten my smile right away gave me that extra confidence boost is fantastic.

If you want to explore Motto Clear Aligners for yourself and live within the Knoxville, TN, and St. Louis, MO areas, you can call your local Aspen Dental office at 1-877-54-MOTTO! Get $149 off when you mention me to your Aspen Dental office or Smile Advisor (be sure to mention Alicia Trautwein!) when you sign up to start treatment with the Motto Complete package. Click to schedule and for additional details. Applicable to the Motto Complete Package between 6/20 – 1/10/22.

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