When you first met, life was beautiful. Everything around you had a fuzzy shade of pink, and you couldn’t get the butterfly in your stomach to settle down. This is how most amazing relationships start, right?

However, as time and responsibilities pile up, things change. Instead of butterflies and endless daydreaming, now you get a comfortable and safe relationship, where you feel at home and understood. 

3 Ways to Feel Closer to your Partner

But to get there, you both have to work on building a solid relationship based on love, understanding, and trust. Moreover, you don’t have to give up on romance once comfort and routine settle in. Scientific research proved that romantic love could be long-lasting and satisfactory. This is as long as both partners make room for it in their lives. 

In support of these efforts, we put together a few tips and tricks to use in those moments when you want to create intimacy and feel closer to your partner. 

Mark Your Important Milestones as a Couple

Don’t allow anniversaries and personal celebrations to go unnoticed. We, humans, are visual beings and need tangible reminders of our best times. Therefore, if you want your partner to think about your happiest moments together, make sure to mark those moments as time goes by. 

For instance, your wedding anniversary is of crucial importance. However, so is the celebration of your first date or any other moments you spent as a young couple in love. These moments are best marked by items that can be kept close to one’s heart, like jewelry from MoissaniteCo.com

Therefore, on your wedding anniversary, offer your partner a beautiful piece of jewelry from a reliable retailer like Diamondere. You can find items for both female and male individuals so that both partners can show their gratitude and mark yet another fantastic year together. 

Take Time to Chat

As life rolls over each other and responsibilities come crashing down on you, it’s extremely easy to forget about communication with your partner. And no, we’re not talking about finances, kid-related issues, and how to improve the house (among other similar topics).

True, these are also important, but honest communication happens when you try to understand what you want and what your partner wants. We tend to think that if we see each other daily, we also know each other well enough to stop trying.

As a result, partners tend to distance themselves from each other and start to feel unseen and unheard. To avoid that, set a weekly session in your schedule where you can have a few hours for yourselves and talk about deeper issues. Use this time to ask difficult questions and keep an open mind. You may not always like what your partner is thinking, but they are not trying to deliberately hurt you (or at least, that’s how it should be).  

Have a Dinner Date at Home

An excellent way to keep the intimacy and romance going is with food and good times together. Our recommendation is a weekly dinner date for which you can cook a delicious meal together and share it in a romantic setting with dim lighting and music. It doesn’t have to lead to anything, and it doesn’t have to be about discussing complex topics. 

Keep it light, dress up (look your best), put on pheromones perfume, and put your charms on your partner. Also, work on the ambiance and focus on savoring these moments together by looking into each other’s eyes and smiling seductively. It will work like a charm!

In Summary 

Romance doesn’t have to die the moment you decide to get married and have children. It takes some work, but it is something worth maintaining over the years. So, keep the spark lit and enjoy yourselves in the process!

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