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Growing up, dental care was not high on our list of things to do.  When I started seeing a dentist in my teen years, it was more about taking care of cavities and less about the overall appearance.  I was told that I would be a great candidate for braces, but that was not in the budget, and I honestly hated going to the dentist as it was.  As an adult, I have done a lot more to take care of my teeth. That said, my smile has always been a concern.  While it might not always be apparent in pictures, I have an overbite (more prominent due to late thumb sucking and crowding).  This has caused me to struggle with self-confidence greatly. That is why I am so excited to be teaming up with Aspen Dental and begin my Motto clear aligners journey! 

Self-care is essential and something you hear me talk about often.  While I constantly work to prioritize myself, finding time to do so is hard.  With three autistic children, my schedule is pretty packed.  So when I heard about Motto Aligners, I knew I wanted to learn more!

I fully admit I love it when I can save time by doing multiple steps at once. When I finally go to my first appointment, I’ll get my Starter Tray and whitening gel to help you get used to wearing aligners and jump-starting the teeth-whitening process right away!  “Tray one on day one” is the Motto way.

Having anxiety and being autistic myself, I like to know what is happening ahead of time. My anxiety is one of the factors that has stopped me from getting my teeth straightened before now. When I was a child, I had some negative experiences with dentists.  It took me many years to work past that fear, and even then, the anxiety is still there.     

While most places are willing to accommodate once I ask, I love that Aspen Dental already does that for every client.  Right away, you are set up with a Smile Advisor who will answer all your questions and guide you along your entire smile journey.

When our daughter went through braces, I was shocked by the price of braces.  We had insurance for her and it was still way too much for us to afford.  In order for her to get her braces, we wound up having to wait until we received our tax return to get her started. 

As parents, we often sacrifice a ton for our children.  While I was willing to find a way to get her the braces she needed, I could not get myself to pay such a hefty price to get my teeth straightened.   I have always wanted a straight smile, but not at the cost of a small car. 

Plans for Motto treatment are designed to fit all budgets!  Plus, all Motto care plans come with MottoAssured™, guaranteeing that you will love everything about your new smile!

When your treatment is finished, and your smile is dazzling, you’ll have your final in-person consultation where you’ll get your retainer. Your retainer makes sure that the smile you just worked so hard for will last forever. And after wearing your aligners, wearing your retainer will be a breeze. 

If you want to explore Motto Clear Aligners for yourself and live within the Knoxville, TN, and St. Louis, MO areas, you can call your local Aspen Dental office! Get $149 off when you mention me to your Aspen Dental office or Smile Advisor (be sure to mention my first name and last initial!) when you sign up to start treatment with the Motto Complete package. Click to schedule and for additional details. Applicable to the Motto Complete Package between 6/20 – 1/10/22.

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