The nursery should contain all the necessary furniture, but at the same time, there should be a lot of space for games. It is very useful to delimit the room into zones – for games, sleep, and study. Each zone should have certain furniture. In this case, you can even highlight these areas with color. For example, paint the walls in the sleeping area in a calm blue shade, in the study area – a neutral green, and in the games area – a brighter, more cheerful shade.

The children’s room should have excellent natural and artificial lighting – large windows, easy-to-open curtains, bright lamps, sconces, and floor lamps.

The Best Way to Arrange a Nursery

The room should not have dark corners, but the lighting should not be intrusive. Therefore, give up fluorescent lamps and choose yellowish lamps. The switch must be at a height accessible to the child. Hang a night light next to the crib, put a desk lamp on the desktop, and the overhead light should be switched on during games.

It is essential to think about the color scheme of the nursery. Wallpaper should not be too bright, dark, or aggressive colors. Light wallpapers with small bright spots and patterns are ideal. Neutral wallpapers are also well suited, against which children’s paintings, posters, clocks, and other bright decorations will look good. Choosing bed linen and curtains for the nursery with fairy-tale motives, cartoon characters, and interesting drawings is best.

The Best Way to Arrange a Nursery: Furniture, Lighting, and Design Tips to Create the Perfect Space for Your Child's Growth and Creativity

The floor in the nursery should be non-slip and warm. It is best to choose carpets that are easy to clean and do not absorb a lot of dust. On sale today, you can find special children’s carpets in the form of towns, lawns, football fields, highways, etc.

As you know, kids love to paint on the walls. To prevent this from happening, build a unique easel screen for it and put it in a convenient place. When a child wants to draw, he will not spoil the wallpaper but embody his creative imagination on an easel.

If you want your child to sleep soundly at night, make his sleeping place more attractive. For example, hang a soft, airy cloud at the head of the bed. To do this, you will need a small blue-painted MDF board. Place it at the head of the bed and attach a white cloud-shaped pillow to it.

Safe Furniture

Furniture for a nursery must be safe, durable, and compact. To find sophisticated and comfortable models, you can go to NY Furniture Outlets. It is best to choose a transformer model, while the child must be able to use it himself. Since children grow up very quickly, it is better to choose adjustable furniture—for example, a chair or shelving unit with adjustable height and a bed with adjustable length.

To awaken a craving for knowledge in first-graders, you can hang a small blackboard made of plywood and painted with dark paint on a door or wall. With the help of such a board, the child can playfully teach lessons.

If dad is good at a hammer and a plane, then he can make an original writing desk for his child. To do this, you need a slab for the countertop and material for the unusual legs. For example, you can cut the legs out of wood boards in the form of letters – the initials of the child’s name. The letters need to be painted with bright paint and attached with screws.

Quality Craftsmenship

Craftsmen can also make beautiful, multi-colored boxes on wheels for their children. Children will be able to put their toys and other “treasures” in them.

A rug woven from multi-colored patches will look good on the floor.

And on the walls, you can hang colorful panels with fairy-tale characters.

Mirror for the baby. It is worth paying attention to the correct choice of a mirror for a child. Here you need to take into account the area, age and other nuances. By the way, psychologists say that a child becomes a person when he begins to recognize himself in the mirror.

How to Arrange a Nursery

Surely you want your child to become independent as quickly as possible. All furniture should be arranged in such a way that the little owner can reach everything himself.

And hang your children’s drawings in your own bedroom. Usually, children’s drawings hung on the walls give parents great joy, but they do not please the little artists themselves. They are constantly learning new things. And the limited number of images that a child sees every day hinders his further development.

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