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One click or a quick swipe on your smartphone or laptop will unlock myriad ways to lose weight, diet and healthy eating 101, and lifestyle choices.

All these promises to help you navigate the challenging route of notching your weight loss goals raise hope. But whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 50, determining which tips are evidence-based, and will yield a guaranteed result, is no easy feat. Add to that. There is some misguided weight loss advice that can do more harm than good.

5 Easy-to-Follow Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Losing weight can seem overwhelming. But not when we decide to step in as your quick counsel. Look no further as to help you lose weight and not your mind. To know what to eat and skip, we have curated the best diet facts and tips that work.

Overwhelmed much? We have you covered.

We did some extra work and decided to keep it simple, so you don’t have to examine every minutia around unique diet plans, weight loss programs, or stack fitness books on your bookshelf.

Get ready to inch closer to your fitness goal and trim the stubborn fat like nobody’s business with these pro tips.

Write down every “bite” of it.

For some, a systematic review of what they are eating can sound like a buzz-kill. No fat-free green dip? No vegetable sticks with hummus snack? But that’s where we want to tell you. We promise this works!

Food journaling for losing weight and keeping it off is a reliable method that significantly limits your comfort eating and mindless binge eating and aids in adopting healthy eating habits. Think of it as a spin on the famous Kon-Mari method. Just as the KonMari Method encourages tidying up and organizing the living spaces, food journaling, for many, works as a behavioral treatment that helps them declutter, make sense of what they put into their mouth, and re-calibrate their eating habits.

Paying deliberate attention to your eating behavior consistently brings a gradual change in your dietary patterns. We would caveat it by adding that this self-reviewing is a regular habit, not a sporadic log-in. Next time you reach for that second helping of dessert, remember it’s going to go down your food log and will remain there for posterity.

Practice makes it permanent.

The underpinning for an effective weight loss plan is a pre-set routine of the meal items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Remember, too many choices can make it harder to choose, out of sight and out of mind. So, when there are limited, albeit healthy, options to choose from, you would inadvertently end up keeping indulgent foods far away from the mind and reach.

Simply put, repeat what you eat. Sounds too bland? A change in meal plans every few weeks works just fine but limits your options.

Pre-set meals are a great tool to build discipline and a rhythm. I was wondering what to eat when you are famished. While making the grocery list, choose options that balance flavor and calories. But don’t get seduced by a variety of indulgent culinary delights.

There are some delicious nutritionist-approved healthy food items to pick from. Make intelligent choices, and then stick to those. Egg pancakes, untoasted muesli, greek yogurt with fruits, a veggie smoothie blend, cottage cheese with berries, and veggie omelet are just some of the many go-to-meal options to choose from.

Not much of a pro at cooking? Always running against time with your jam-packed schedule? No sweat. Get a variety of all specific dietary needs with interesting menu options at your fingertips.

Slurp your green tea

This one entails a motley of health benefits and substantially helps you trim stubborn fat. Loaded with antioxidants, called catechins, they work magic.

They increase fat burn, cleanse and heal the body. For those who exercise, green tea can boost the fat-burning effects of a workout. Also, it’s an excellent swap for all those empty-calorie-laden sweetened beverages.

Make friends with protein.

Stacking up more protein in your diet will stop you from reaching out for unhealthy food items each time hunger strikes. You can do this in multiple ways, such as protein-rich foods, fat burners and protein powders.

It helps you feel more full with less food intake. Protein provides a prolonged satiating effect. With increased protein contents, it becomes easier to maintain weight. Satiation signals the feeling of bringing an end to a meal. Leveraging protein-induced satiety can be an effective strategy in body-weight loss and body-weight maintenance after that. So if you are trying to shed the extra weight, don’t starve yourself; instead, amp up your protein intake.

Play a visual trick on the brain

We all love the sight of a full plate. It packs in the sense of fulfillment. So let’s do some dietary cutback while tricking your brain into seeing a full plate. Swap a big plate with a smaller one. Large plates usually mean large serving sizes. Downsizing your plate will drastically cut down the calories you consume.

Go ahead and even pick smaller bowls for curries and soups. Eating off an eight or nine-inch plate instead of a 12-inch one and using small bowls will significantly help with portion control. You consume far fewer calories while experiencing a visually full plate’s worth of food.

Easy-to-Follow Diet Tips for Weight Loss

If you thought this was the end of the holy grail for losing weight fast and easy, there’s more. Losing the excess weight and keeping it off for good is now easier than ever if you follow the right advice. Alongside the ones shared above, there are some other equally effective ways.

Keeping a fruit bowl with healthy, seasonal fruits at a place like a kitchen counter in your line of sight at home works great. Paying all your attention to your meal and not watching something on television or mobile alongside is a great way to cultivate mindful eating. Ensuring you catch up on your sleep and don’t give in to false hunger pangs due to sleep deprivation is a good idea too.

These small but significant changes in diet and lifestyle will help you in weight management and help cut back on all that’s coming in the way of a fabulous body and excellent health.

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