Have you ever heard of Zoobies, Zootles, Zoodinos, or maybe Zoobooks? Chances are, you may have heard of Zoobooks but never the rest. So, what are they? These are all a part of the Zoobooks magazine line. Each one is geared towards a specific age range. Each magazine includes high-quality pictures and amazing animal facts. Zoobies are for ages 0-3, Zootles for ages 3-6, Zoobooks for ages 6-12, and Zoodinos for ages five and up.

Explore the World with your child and Zoobooks

Little man (my two-year-old with autism) loved the Zoobies book we received. This one was about bears; he loved roaring as I read through it. He especially liked the peek-a-boo, fold-out pages included. I loved that not only did it cover animal facts, but it also covered counting, rhyming, and parenting tips. These are not just magazine quality; these are little actual books. These books will last through many reading times with little man!

Bean (my nine-year-old with autism) loves the Zootles! Though geared for ages 3-6, it was the perfect reading level for her to stay entertained. I love that when a little man gets to this stage, he continues the same learning styles and includes a specific number and letter in each edition.

Zoobooks (the ones I grew up on!) were my ten-year old’s dream! This month’s edition is on sharks! All the pages were jammed packs with high-quality pictures and tons of facts! Even more remarkable, every subscription to Zoobooks includes the eZoobooks for iPad and web! It also includes access to the Zoobooks eSafari. The eSafari has everything from activities, facts, green tips, and animal cams! This is the perfect combination to keep out tech savvy kids wanting to read!

Each subscription includes nine issues with the magazine of your choice. You can order your subscription through their website HERE for just under $30. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee! You will also receive free animal stickers & an animal poster! Consider getting your child or grandchild a subscription to Zoobies, Zootles, or Zoobooks- you will not regret it! 

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