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Each year, about 40 million Americans move to a new home. While the reasons for these moves vary, the desire for green moving tips stays consistent.

Green Moving Tips for the Eco-Conscious

Luckily, Colonial Van Lines is here to deliver. Whether you’re looking for green moving tips for your upcoming move or want to help someone else become more eco-friendly, this post is for you. Make your move more effortless (and greener) with these smart, professional green moving tips and packing hints:

About 40 million Americans move yearly. While the reasons for these moves vary, the desire for green moving tips stays consistent. #greenliving #moving #familylife #parenting

Tip 1: Start Planning Early

Starting early is the key to making all these green moving tips work. In addition to making a move more stressful, procrastinating until the 11th hour only increases the likelihood that you’ll forget things. Furthermore, it makes it harder to plan adequately for your trip.

With this in mind, start planning your move as early as possible.

Ideally, it would help if you started going through less trafficked areas a month or two in advance. Places like your basement, guest rooms, attic, and closets will help you get a jumpstart without getting ahead of yourself.

Tip 2: Sell Or Donate Unwanted Items

While it requires some upfront work, purging your household will go a long way toward making your move streamlined and straightforward. Rather than towing them to your new place, why not try selling your more oversized unwanted furniture items? Not only will you make some money, but you’ll save on the cost and reduce emissions during the move.

You can always throw a yard sale for smaller items that still have some value,

What doesn’t sell at the yard sale can then be donated. Donating ensures that all unwanted items go to a cause or person who could use them. Moving is the perfect time to donate, read more here. Your unwanted items get an opportunity for a second life and reduce their chance of ending in a landfill.

Tip 3: Hire Eco-Friendly Movers

One of the best green moving tips we have to offer is to hire an eco-friendly mover. There are probably lots of things you evaluate your moving company. Most shoppers inquire about customer reviews, service offerings, prices, and insurance policies, but what about their environmental credentials?

Start by scoping moving companies based on their values concerning the environment.

As you interview moving companies, be sure to ask them about their environmental philosophies:

  • How do they handle moves?
  • Do they use biodiesel trucks?
  • Do they use recycled boxes?

Their answers will help determine which companies are committed to reducing waste and output. As a result, you’ll locate an experienced mover who will get you moved in the greenest way possible.

At Colonial Van Lines, we’ve partnered with Move For Hunger, which benefits a humanitarian cause and an environmental cause. Move For Hunger arranges for moving companies such as ours to pick up unwanted, non-perishable food and deliver it to food banks in need.

About 40 million Americans move yearly. While the reasons for these moves vary, the desire for green moving tips stays consistent. #greenliving #moving #familylife #parenting

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Tip 4: Start With On-Hand Containers for Green Moving

Certainly! Here’s a paragraph for your article:

“One of the most significant environmental concerns during a move is the excessive use of disposable packing materials. Instead of using single-use cardboard boxes and plastic wraps, consider using plastic-lidded boxes. These sturdy containers can be reused multiple times, reducing waste and offering better property protection. Not only do they prevent items from getting damaged, but they also eliminate the need for tape and can be easily stacked. By opting for reusable solutions like plastic lidded boxes, you’re making a green choice for your move and investing in a sustainable future.”

Before picking up any recycled, reusable, or otherwise boxes, fill up the containers you already have.

  • Storage bins
  • Duffel bags
  • Coolers
  • Laundry baskets
  • Suitcases
  • Boxes

As you pack these things, use items you already own, like socks and t-shirts, to pad the extra space in the containers instead of investing in packing peanuts and similar items.

These hacks will go a long way to reduce your move’s environmental impact. Read our smart and savvy moving hacks blog for more great ideas.

Pro-Tip: If you save piles of plastic grocery bags, they can shine here as padding for fragile items.

Tip 5: Stock Up On Packing Materials

Another Green Moving tip is to ask if you can pick up used boxes from your friends and relatives before purchasing boxes.

Don’t worry; moving boxes are sturdy. They’re typically tough enough to hold up to several moves before they need to be replaced.

If used moving boxes aren’t an option, you can pick up some sturdy boxes from your local grocery and bulk stores, likely for free! In addition to saving you money, using recycled boxes will also cut down on the waste produced by your move.

Don’t forget that many businesses around you accept shipments and packages daily. These businesses unpack items and discard reusable packing supplies at least a few times a week. It may take some deep thinking, but it’s worth calling around if you need packing supplies like peanuts or other box fillers. Environmentally conscious retailers may put some aside for you to pick up if you ask nicely.

Tip 6: Use Reusable Plastic Bins for Green Moving

Plastic boxes are an excellent alternative to traditional cardboard boxes, which can be used and sent back to the retailer.

Look into rental options like BungoBox, which allow you to rent plastic storage containers and send them back after use. Doing this is an innovative, green, cost-effective solution that won’t break the bank.

If this option doesn’t catch your eye, a quick Google search for “reusable packing boxes” will reveal many companies you can research and consider working with for your move.

Pro-Tip: Ask around your community and social media circles. Someone has likely used a solution that could work for you.

Reusable Storage Container

Tip 7: Recycling Before and After

You can recycle unwanted electronics such as TVs, computers, and cell phones. Here is a link to help you locate a local retailer who will accept your electronics.

As far as boxes and packing items, of course, you can retire them to a recycling bin, but there are more ways you can repurpose them:

  • Donate them to a friend who is moving.
  • Offer them up in your social media groups or on Craigslist.
  • Call your local realtor to see if their clients are in need.
  • Inquire if your child’s school needs them.
  • Make something crafty with your kids.

No matter what you do, know that recycling your items will make your move much greener and reduce the output of switching homes.

Green Moving Tips for the Caring Consumer

Your interest in green moving tips is proof that you care about your impact on our environment. You are going in the right direction by recycling boxes, using containers you already have, and being mindful of what you send to landfills. This way, you can rest assured that you’re decreasing your environmental footprint as much as possible during your big move.

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