Are you looking for information on what type of face covering you need during the COVID pandemic? Do you need to know how to make a DIY face mask? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

The coronavirus pandemic has caused utter chaos around the globe. As lives are at stake, people are doing all they can to protect themselves from the deadly microbe. In addition to washing hands regularly, you need to practice social distancing and wear the appropriate protective gear.

Everything You Need to Know About Covering Your Face During a Pandemic

Coronavirus spreads through droplets contained in the cough of an infected person. If the droplets come in contact with your eyes, nose, or lips, you could catch the virus. This is why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing a facemask when you are around other people. This post will answer all your questions about facemasks, including where to buy them, how to use them, clean them, and discard them.

Where to Get a Face Mask?

The demand for medical face masks is on the rise, and day by day, it is getting harder to get access to commercially prepared medical face masks. However, If you are a healthcare professional or someone who has to take care of the corona patients, you should make sure that you buy your mask from a trusted medical mask supplier.

Since the supply of medical masks is running low, the CDC has recommended the use of homemade masks for the citizens so that the real stuff is left for the ones who really need it.

Questions About Medical Masks

#1 When should you wear a medical mask?

According to the WHO, healthy individuals don’t need to wear masks at all times. However, it is essential to cover your face with a medical mask when you are in close proximity to a suspected corona patient. WHO recommends covering one’s face essentially when coughing and sneezing so that the droplets are not dispersed.

If you happen to have a very good quality mask, don’t think that it is sufficient to protect you from the deadly virus. You must take necessary precautions like washing hands repeatedly or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to stay safe.

#2 How should you wear a medical mask?

  • Firstly, wash your hands with soap and water or sanitize using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Put the mask on your mouth and nose, making sure that there are no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • Make sure that you don’t touch the mask while using it. Any accidental touch to the mask should be followed by hand washing or sanitizing immediately.

#3 When should you discard a medical mask?

WHO recommends that you should discard a medical face mask immediately after it gets damp. The guidelines also state that a single-use mask should not be used twice under any circumstances.

#4 How should you remove a medical mask?

The only thing you need to be careful about while removing a face mask is that you don’t touch the front of the mask. Otherwise, if the mask has a virus on it, it will get on your hands. The virus can enter your system through your eyes, nose, or mouth if you accidentally touch those areas. As a precautionary measure, always wash your hands with soap and water or sanitize after removing your face mask.

Homemade Masks

As mentioned earlier, the CDC recommends the use of DIY face masks to slow the spread of the virus. You can make your own facemask by following a few simple steps.

How to make a DIY facemask?

When making a facemask, you should make sure that your mask has the following characteristics:

  • Consists of multiple layers of fabric
  • Does not limit or restrict the breathing
  • Can fit against the side of the face without leaving any gaps
  • It can be washed repeatedly without losing shape.
  • Can be secured with ear loops or ties

There are many sew and no-sew methods of making a face mask. Here, the simplest no-sew bandana face mask is discussed.

Materials Needed

To make your bandana face mask. You will need the following:

  1. A Bandana (20” x 20”)
  2. Hair ties or rubber bands


  1. Fold the bandanna in half.
  2. Make your mask thicker by folding equal portions of the fabric from the bottom up and from the top down.
  3. Now you have a rectangular layered fabric, place hair ties or rubber bands about 6 inches apart on it.
  4. Fold both sides to the middle and tuck. Your easy DIY facemask is ready for use.   

How do you clean a homemade facemask?

DIY face masks can are washable in the washing machine like other clothes. Experts recommend washing such masks regularly to ensure safety and prevent infection.

Facemasks and Children

Children should be told to cover their face using a face mask when playing with other kids or when they are in a social setting where social distancing cannot be practiced. Cloth face masks should not be placed on children under the age of 2 years as this can do more harm than good. Young children can’t quite figure out how to breathe with the mask on and can’t even take it off without assistance. 

Check out this article if your child are having anxiety due to covid19.


Coronavirus is a global health emergency, and the importance of taking all the necessary precautions can’t be stressed enough. Face masks are beneficial in slowing the spread of this deadly virus.

People should make it a habit to wear a face mask every time they go outdoors. If you can’t find a medical face mask because of the shortage in the market, you can make your own facemask to protect your dear ones from contracting this deadly disease.

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