How to Wash Baby Clothes

Laundry never seems to end in our home.  I thought it was bad enough with having three girls in the home.  With dress-up clothes and changing their minds, there always seems to be a little too much laundry in that basket.  Then, little man came along and really threw our laundry for whirlwind! It had been seven years since we had a baby in the home. I realized quickly that I had forgotten how to wash baby clothes!

Thanks to a little bit of google and prior experience, I figured it back out. That didn’t change the amount of laundry, but at least made it a tiny bit easier. Even as experienced parents, there are always little tidbits of information we need refresher courses on!

Thankfully, it wasn’t my first rodeo with baby clothes.  For many parents though, it is their first rodeo. Out of all the parenting classes out there, many of the basic daily essentials are not included, baby clothes care being one of them.  Our friend Amilia from has come up with a fun solution for that!  Check out her advice on how to wash baby clothes.

How To Wash Baby Clothes

With having little ones, laundry is unavoidable.  Did you know though that a baby’s skin is much more sensitive than an adult?  It is so very important to know how to wash baby clothes, to protect their soft skin as well as getting those tough stains out!  Here are some basics on how to care for baby clothes as well as a fun infographic for everyday use.

First Steps for How to Wash Baby Clothes

First, make sure to read the labels of baby clothes. Always make sure you read the care label guidelines before washing baby clothes, as some items need special care. The next thing you will need to do is choose a detergent that specially made for baby skin. Many detergents that are on the market for everyday use have extra chemicals and dyes that are not good for a baby’s sensitive skin.

Just like adult clothes, you will need to pre-treat any strong stains of baby clothes. Since the stains on baby food normally result from food (before and after), they are especially tough to get out.  When pre-treating baby clothes, you want to get as much out before placing them in the wash.  One thing you can use to do this is a stain remover made especially for baby clothes.

Though most baby clothes are the same materials, you do still need to check to make sure what temperature is recommended on the tag. We recommend washing clothes 1-2 days before baby wears them. If no specific temperature is recommended, you can wash in a warn wash cycle. We also recommend using a fabric conditioner in the wash.  Fabric conditioners helps to keep clothes fibers smoother, which is a great addition to help protect the babies skin.

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