Dreaming about the time post-COVID-19? If so, check out these three Family-Friendly Destinations to Visit After Lockdown!

It was only a few months ago that the world was catapulted into anxiety and disaster. The COVID-19 epidemic shook the world and is continuing to do so. Times of unprecedented home isolation and social distancing are certainly very devastating for both physical and mental health, with many people going stir-crazy and developing cabin fever.

Many of us stay at home to protect key workers and medics who risk their lives daily to protect our families and us. So, when it’s all over, I’m sure most of us will jump on a plane immediately to wherever, not to return for quite a while.

3 Family-Friendly Destinations to Visit After Lockdown

It is essential, especially post-epidemic, to make sure you plan your journey effectively and only travel where you know it is safe for your family, both from the virus and thieves and bandits. With such a detrimental effect on the global economy, we will surely see acts of wanton criminality rising when it is all over.

Create a Travel Plan Before You Travel

It is imperative that when traveling after this epidemic, you efficiently create a travel plan both for your safety and your finances. Many of us are out of work and struggling to feed our families. So when things return to normal, we should. When planning a trip, you should visit a website that caters to planning overseas trips. It can be very beneficial and help you get the most out of your holiday.

Visit Lapland


Lapland is the home of Santa Claus and his Elves! When this considerable period of lockdown reaches its end, experts expect it to be around Christmas. This also coincides with when international travel restrictions are predicted to be reduced. So, why hang around on Christmas Day in Britain or America? Why not head over to Lapland and have a real white Christmas?

Plenty of Christmas activities in Lapland are Christmas-orientated for your family and children. Families can meet Santa Claus, help pack presents with his Elves, and even ride a carriage pulled by reindeer! For adults, you can do an abundance of skiing, snowmobile, and walking activities. If you look hard enough, you can also see the Aurora Borealis!

With hundreds of resorts to pick, there is no shortage of family-friendly destinations in the land of Christmas this winter.

Visit Ibiza

The Balearic island of Ibiza has been a vacation favorite for over five decades. With something for everybody: vibrant nightlife for adults and teenagers, water parks and resorts for children, and hot, sunny, white-sanded beaches, you can lounge around all day and catch a Mediterranean tan!

Ibiza often receives bad press for its vibrant and hectic nightlife. Still, if you plan effectively and go out of the party season, you and your family can have a fun, economical, and thrilling holiday! Ibiza is a brilliant destination for families and couples alike, with no shortage of things to do or to see. With a rich history, the ancient island has hundreds of small family-owned restaurants, museums, and hiking places.

The island has abundant and vast wildlife, which is often overlooked; if you are considering an educational trip, look no further than Ibiza. With the island of Majorca just a boat ride away, and even mainland Spain and Northern Africa, you will be hard-pressed to lie around and do nothing. Sample the island’s rich and unique cuisine, take the kids sailing, and have fun!

Take a Trip to Rome!


Rome, one of the oldest cities in the world, is home to one of the most ancient civilizations known to man. Rome is a hot tourist destination year-round for its ancient ruins, the Colosseum, and Vatican City. Take your family on guided Rome tours for a tremendous educational and cultural experience. There is no shortage of historical activities to indulge in on a trip to Rome, and with a new catacomb exhibition opening on the city’s outskirts, why waste any more time?

Whether religious, educational, or fun, Rome is the travel destination of the future. While you would think traveling to Rome would be quite expensive, you’re wrong! You can use the metro system there and stay in a hotel on the city’s outskirts for barely anything.

Family-Friendly Destinations to Visit After Lockdown

You should do research before traveling anywhere with your family, more so after this COVID-19 crisis. Make sure you are politically stable wherever you go and not seeing a resurgence in COVID-19 cases. You must take the utmost care when traveling post-epidemic.

Several countries have begun to ease their domestic lockdown rules. Using the table below, you can stay updated with each country’s imposed travel restrictions and revised rules. The table contains a list of popular countries and their updated policies regarding the lockdown status, international travel restrictions, visa rules, and the current number of active COVID-19 cases. The table also contains a link to the official government website to find more authoritative answers to your questions.

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