When it comes to packing a diaper bag, there is no need to pack the kitchen sink! Though we always suggest adding a little of this and a little of that. A new mom has enough on her hands without worrying about whether or not she packed enough diapers and wipes for the day.

Diaper bags should be more than a duffle bag with a changing pad and a zip-top closure. They should be stylish! For those days when you don’t need to suit up for going out, the diaper bag can be your new accessory.

Below is a list of five essentials that should never leave a mom’s diaper bag. Of course, other items are always welcome, but these are the five you could never go without!


Let’s face it if you are taking care of a child, changing diapers will always be happening. It is important to have enough for the day in your bag, especially if you are on the move with children who can’t hold their bladders too long!


Diaper changes usually involve wipes. If the baby is clean, mommy must be clean! Wipes can also be used throughout the day to wipe down high chairs and public tables. We all know how much germs are spread in public places.

Diaper Cream

Even with the most diligent diaper changing technique, there will come a time when you find your little darling has a diaper rash. It is important to have a tube of cream with you to treat the area before it gets worse.

Change of clothes

You can never go wrong with packing an extra outfit for your child. If they are anything like my children, they are little mess-makers! I usually keep diapers, wipes, and clean clothes in a small drawstring backpack that smells of mommy just for this occasion.


We all know children are not very neat when it comes to eating their meals in high chairs! With a bib in your bag, you will have no worries about spills and stains on the baby’s clothes or yours when you are out and about.

Of course, don’t forget your wallet and keys! Though these are not essentials for the diaper bag itself, they are important to have on you at all times. A new mom never knows what she will need throughout the day.

Other Items That You May Need To Pack

Here are other suggestions that you may wish to pack too.


If your child uses pacifiers, it is important to pack extras when you may not be able to clean the one that falls on the floor.


For those days when you are outdoors or going on vacation, make sure to pack sunscreen.


Especially for the days when you are stuck in the house and need some entertainment, it is nice to have some snacks on hand that your child will also enjoy if a little one gets hungry while out and about. This can be a lifesaver!


Toys are a great way to keep children entertained during those times when you need both hands free.

Final Thoughts

Making sure you have all these essentials with you can be the difference to having an enjoyable day out at the beach, the mall, or with friends. Keeping fully stocked and replenished takes away the stress of the day.

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