How to Properly Clean a Kitchen Sink

Do you know how to properly clean the kitchen sink? Check out today’s post to see if your cleaning schedule is getting rid of the real dirt and grime!

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, most people think of washes the dishes, cleaning the floors, and wiping down those dirty countertops. One part of the kitchen that often gets overlooked though is cleaning the kitchen sink! Every night before going to bed, the kitchen sink is high on my checklist. It’s a priority each night for me because the kitchen sink is one of the dirtiest parts of your kitchen. Did you know that the kitchen sink is often more germ-ridden than your toilet?

How to Properly Clean a Kitchen Sink

Most homeowners seem to forget to clean their sink, which can be problematic over time. In fact, the assumption is caused by the fact that the sink is normally wet most of the time. The truth is that the dirt that comes from dishes and the food gets trapped on the walls of the sink.

This filth creates breeding grounds for bacteria. Besides that, it kills the natural appeal of the sink, thanks to the resulting patches of stains. And that’s not all. Washing your hands in such a dirty sink makes your palms have a greasy feel.

Fortunately, there is a sure way of eliminating the dirt. Continue reading below to learn how you can keep your kitchen sparkling clean!

how to properly clean a kitchen sink

1. Clean the Dishes

It’s not possible to clean a sink when dirty dishes are still hanging around. By cleaning them, guarantees that they will not prevent you from reaching all the corners of the sink. Besides that, if you attempt to clean the sink while the dishes are still inside, it will get dirty before you complete the job.

Once the dishes are clean, you should store them in a rack so that they can drain excess water. You should also remove any food particles and put them in the garbage bin. It’s also advisable you raise the drain button to allow dirty water to flow out of the sink.

2. Scrubbing the Sink

Since scrubbing a kitchen sink is a dirty job, you should wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. You will also need a sponge for scrubbing, vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice. Although a scrubbing pad can remove the stains faster, the downside is that it leaves scratch marks on the sink. And if you use it frequently, it will eventually poke holes in the sink, which in return will cause leaking of water. Even ceramic sinks are not exempt. The scrubbing effect causes the enamel to wear out.

For best results, you should sprinkle some baking soda and either vinegar or lemon juice and wait for at least 10 minutes. The logic behind this argument is that baking soda and lemon juice will start tearing into the tough stains. Once the waiting time is over, you should begin to scrubbing the sink from the edges in a circular motion.

You should scrub towards the draining knob of the sink. This approach helps in ensuring that dirt goes down the drain. If you do it the other way round, you will keep cleaning, but the dirt will not go away.

how to properly clean a kitchen sink

3. Rinsing the Sink

After scrubbing, it’s time to rinse the sink. To get started, turn on hot water from the faucet. If your plumbing is similar to those that are available at mrkitchenfaucets.com, the job will be much easier. This is because such faucets come with adjustable nozzles, and the head is designed to be retractable. Besides that, the faucet rotates in any direction, allowing you to rinse the far end corners of the sink quickly. If possible, you should use hot water to clean the sink. 

In case you didn’t know, hot water prevents the sink from getting clogged. This fact is because it melts all the fats and grease as it flows into the sewerage system. It would be best if you then wiped the sink with a clean and dry piece of kitchen towel.

How to Properly Clean a Kitchen Sink

As you can seeing, getting your kitchen sink properly cleaned really isn’t that hard! If you loved this post, make sure to check out more articles just like this in our homemaking section!

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