Having three autistic children, it can sometimes be tough to get them to get along! One of the best ways we have learned to help them connect is through Family Game Night!

We’ve all heard about having a family game night.  Chances are, you’ve tried to make it into your routine, but it fell off the schedule as new things came along.

Today, we will go over the benefits of scheduling (and doing) a family game night weekly.  This is great for all families, but especially for neurodiverse families.

Benefits of Having Family Game Nights

Having a family game night each week is great for helping siblings connect. Bringing in a variety of fun games will help build relationships and laughter!

When it comes to family game nights, there is a multitude of benefits. My favorites revolve around family, but there is much more! Check out all these great benefits of scheduling family game nights.

Benefits for The Whole Family:

Helping Siblings Connect Through Games

One of the biggest benefits I have seen from the family game night is sibling relationships. It is so easy for the kids to go their own ways throughout the day. Between homework, electronics, and friends in the neighborhood, it is easy to grow apart these days.

Getting together once a week over games they all love refocuses on family relationships. Many times, my kids bond over trying to beat me at the game!

Scheduling a Family Game Night promotes Routine

For any child, the routine is important. For autistic children, the routine is key! Most autistic children (and adults) prefer to know what’s happening and when.

By scheduling a family game night, it helps them look forward to playing games.  On the other side, it also helps avoid extra meltdowns because it is not a surprise that you are stopping a preferred activity from playing games as a family.

Creates Family Traditions

Playing games together creates bonds and memories for all involved. When they are adults, they will remember back to times playing games and laughing with family. It might even be enough to make them want to carry on the family game night traditions with their families!

Another great thing is listening to your children talking about memories during the games! I always hear a line from one of my older kids saying, “Remember when mom said, “put on your coat.”  It was a moment they thought was funny, and now keep the joke going years after!

Benefits of Family Game Night for Children:

A special thanks to Goliath Games for sending us some free games to play and inspire this post!

Playing games help with problem-solving

By playing games together as a family, you are spending quality time with your kids. During gameplay, you work with them to help them create positive outcomes.

Whether they are learning how to play a new game, work through puzzles, or even how not to be a sore loser, they are learning essential problem-solving skills. These will help them at school and outside the home as well!

Develops Strong Character

Let’s be honest. We all want to win the game! Even I try my hardest to beat my kids at any game we play! Yes, that even includes lucky ducks, pop the pig, and catch the fox!

By playing games together as a family, kids learn how to be graceful losers and celebrate other’s wins.  They learn great sportsmanship, all with a great laugh!

Games help with motor skills

No matter what game you play, there is always some form of motor skill they are practicing! Just think about it! They have to roll the dice, shuffle cards, and count in almost every game!

For example, Lucky Ducks require the child to pick up a moving object (the duck). Then they have to match the shape they chose with the duck t to keep it.  If it’s not their shape, they have to place the duck back on the moving surface.  Then they have to count to 3 for how many ducks it takes to win.

Another great activity for motor skills is painting.  The downside is the pain getting everywhere.  That’s why I love the Paint-Sation Easel by Goliath Games.  It’s a real painting but completely mess-free.  Well, until your son decides to paint the wall instead of the paper….lol.

There Ya Go!

That was all of our top benefits of why to schedule a family game night. If you are looking for some great games, make sure to check out D20Collective for your game night needs. Helping siblings connect through gameplay is a benefit every family could use!  What is your favorite family game to play? Let us know in the comments below!

Family Game Night - Helping Siblings Connect through Games Keywords: Parenting, Siblings, Sisters, Brothers, Mom Life, Play Therapy, Autism, Neurodiversity #themomkind
Family Game Night - Helping Siblings Connect through Games Keywords: Parenting, Siblings, Sisters, Brothers, Mom Life, Play Therapy, Autism, Neurodiversity #themomkind

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  1. We love games. My children at the moment are all about playing monopoly or scrabble. I agree game night promotes learning in lots of ways, Plus it gets mine off their electronics for a while.

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