Hearing your doctor say, “Congratulations, you’re pregnant!” can bring out an overwhelming flow of emotions. It brings joy to expecting couples. However, this joyful news comes with a lot of confusion. Various thoughts would arise concerning their diet — “What baby products to buy?” “What furniture should we get for the nursery?” “What do we need for the whole 9 months of pregnancy?” etc.

8 Ways to Prepare for Your First Baby

Now, 9 months seem like they would go on forever, but time flies. Soon you’ll be holding a baby in your arms. Planning would help you relax and enjoy your pregnancy as the due date nears. To make this new stage in your life easier for you, we’re sharing a list of 8 things that would help you prepare for your infant.

Learn about the birth process

Every woman finds giving birth to a baby a very daunting experience, and many try to put it all out of your mind until the day of delivery arrives. However, this may not be helpful for you during childbirth. Learning about the process helps you overcome your fears and participate actively during delivery. It is better than going in with no knowledge. Learning about the process makes it a little easier and results in better outcomes.

There are now so many options available other than google to learn more. You can attend birth classes available for expecting parents. These classes cover various topics ranging from stages of labor, pain management during pregnancy and childbirth and what options to go for, breathing techniques for the mother, different ways of giving birth, and the medical equipment used during delivery. Take these classes at the beginning of pregnancy, so you have time to take it.

Get on the same page as your partner.

Your partner is in it as much as you are. Make sure you discuss how your partner can help you during labor. Labour is a challenging part, but the newborn period is also where you’re being tested.

Discuss with your partner what you’ll need from each other during that period, and divide baby and household duties accordingly. Be on the same page, and let each other know your expectations. This is the time when you need each other’s support the most. Differing expectations can create massive conflicts.

It’s new for both of you, so don’t assume your partner knows everything. Help each other out and educate them if they’re unaware of something.

You can also make many big decisions beforehand, such as what to name your baby, how you’ll feed your baby, what events to have, such as baby shower and gender reveal, etc.

Talk to other moms

Knowing people you know have also been through pregnancy and childbirth makes you not feel alone. Many changes take place after giving birth that many doctors don’t educate new moms about. Most of them are taboo subjects, so people shy away from talking about them. Changes, such as leaking pee, the baby blues, and diminished sex drive, are just a few of them. Ask your mom’s friends around to reduce the shock factor.

Every pregnancy is different but talks about their experiences with it and how they overcame most of them. This will give you some strength and support as a new mother.

Find a Pediatrician for your baby.

Babies are delicate, and we never know when they can fall sick or catch something because of their weak immune systems. Therefore, it would be a good idea to start looking for a doctor for your baby midway through your pregnancy. Find someone who is a good fit and closer to your home.

The next step would be to talk to your health insurance provider to add your baby into the policy and see which local doctors are covered.

Stock up on the essentials 

If this is your first baby, you need to buy many things before its arrival. Set a budget for all the items you need so you can get them all without missing out on any. These essentials include a car seat, good-quality diapers, clothes, and some baby care products.

It can be very overwhelming because of the many products available in the market. As a new parent, you’re unsure of what would suit your baby. Products these days are expensive, but you can always opt for a pregnancy sample box. Baby brands offer free samples of baby essentials to see which one works best for you and your baby. This way, you can try a few options before bulking up on a specific product. This would help build your ultimate list of baby product must-haves.

Prepare your pets

Bringing a newborn home is not only a significant change for you but also for your pets. Many books, articles, and videos help with tips and tricks to get your pet used to the new baby. Make arrangements with someone who would care for the pets during the early stages of recovery after childbirth.

Ask for help after birth.

Mothers would need extra help in the first postpartum weeks, especially if they had their delivery through c-section. Before this new period, ask your mom or siblings if they can help you adjust to the new routine. If they are not available, ask a relative to help you look after the house and the baby. If you have the budget, you can also hire professional help, like a paid cleaning service or a night nanny.

Pack your delivery bag

The last thing you would want to worry about as your due date nears is whether you have everything you need for the delivery and hospital stay. To ease your mind, pack your bag early on. Keep all the essentials you need like clothes, baby clothes, toiletries, etc. If you’re planning for a c-section, pack specifically for it. Take everything that would make your stay at the hospital comfortable.

It’ll all be okay!

You’re going to get through this, and it’ll all be okay. New moms face this anxiety but following these steps would reduce it and make this process a lot easier for you and your partner.

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