When planning a cool birthday party for teenagers, the first thing to decide is whether or not you want to host a party at your house or make a reservation at a local venue that is sure to be fun.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

Below are some ideas for parents in the Raleigh area to host a party their teenager and friends will love.

When coming up with unique birthday party ideas for teenagers, sometimes the goofier the better!  Check out these Top Birthday Party Ideas! #partyplanning #birthdaypartyideas

Plan A Themed Party At Home

Coming up with unique birthday party ideas for teenagers takes some preparation, but it can be a lot of fun! You can choose from many themes, but some are certainly more worn than others. Consider thinking outside of the box with some of these ideas:

Cover all the windows and turn off the lights and have yourselves a blacklight or glow-in-the-dark party! Grab some glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark face paint and clear out the living room to make some space for dancing. You can serve snacks and cake on neon plates to keep with the theme.

Host a Senior Superlative-themed party!

When coming up with unique birthday party ideas for teenagers, sometimes the goofier, the better! What’s fun about this is that it doesn’t matter which high schools the guests attend; they can get creative with what they choose! Encourage guests to pick a superlative and come dressed in a costume that best expresses their choice, such as Best Athlete, Cutest Couple, or Biggest Drama King/Queen.

Encourage them to come up with original ones such as Has The Most Hawaiian Shirts or Most Likely To Save Your Cat In A Tree, and to not worry about whether or not they are the best athlete at their school, for example. You can also cast votes for superlatives among the guests. Make a list of superlatives and set out enough pieces of paper and pencils for guests to cast their votes by placing them in a decorated ballot box. They will get a kick out of the results!

Host A Mystery Themed Party

To be honest! Hosting a murder mystery themed party at home brings out lots of fun and excitement. It is not just a regular party; this theme party consists of three main points: theme outfits, a mystery story, and a dinner with colorful cocktails. 

You must choose a themed costume at this mystery party and tell the guests to wear it properly. Plan your dinner; you can find various exciting murder mystery-themed party kits. Pick a thrill detective game and tell everyone to follow the rules.

When coming up with birthday party ideas for teenagers, the first thing to decide is whether or not you want to host a party at your house or make...
Credit: Go Ape https://www.goape.com/groups/birthday-parties/

Book An Adventurous Afternoon

If you’d rather not spend time cleaning and prepping an entire home for a party, there are plenty of other options.

A global phenomenon is a rise in the popularity of escape rooms, and Raleigh is lucky to have one! Amaze Room Escapes offers three rooms full of challenges your group will surely enjoy. Nobody will feel left out or resort to pulling out their phone. Participants will have to work together to solve the meanings behind hints and clues to solve the mystery or challenge and escape before the hour is up!

Teens will enjoy working together for a common goal and leave with a sense of accomplishment. And since teenagers love to post on social media, they will love the group picture they can take at the end. Be sure to call several days in advance to reserve your spot and learn how they can make your event even more special.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

For brave teens who love the outdoors Go Ape offers a fun ziplining adventure. They offer free admission for the guest of honor if your group has 10 or more people, and everyone gets a certificate of completion at the end. Your group will love cruising through the treetops at this adventure park. Call to find out about renting a pavilion and catering options.

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