Being a mom of four children, three with autism, I do not even pretend that I have a chance to go shopping for myself.  Even if I ever were to get out without any kids (hahaha!), I lack any form of style!  So when I first found out about the Stitch Fix Subscription box service, I was instantly sold on the idea!

Stitch Fix is a monthly clothing and styling subscription service. When you sign up, you take a pretty in-depth survey about your sizes, style, and pricing preferences. After choosing how often you want your subscription to come, your stylist will handpick five items based on your preferences. The fee for this service is $20, and that includes free shipping and free returns. And if you keep any of the items they send you, you get to deduct the $20 fee from the total. If you keep all five items, you also get a 25% discount! 

This is my invoice sheet. It lists the prices per item and the discount I’d receive by keeping all five items. With the 25% discount and my $20 styling fee factored in, this box would cost me a total of $167.50 to keep everything – an average of $41.87 per item and a total discount of $82.50

Your Stitch Fix comes with instructions on how to complete your check out online.   In that process, you leave your feedback on the items you received.  This helps your stylist learn more of what you like and dislike.

Then you pack up the items you don’t want and send them back.  Since it is a priority mailer, you can schedule online through for free carrier pick up! This is perfect for us!

Each box comes with cards with styling suggestions for every piece, plus a little note from your stylist. My stylist Tiffany is doing great so far! I love that they give you a personal message to help build that relationship! I love the extra tips so that I can incorporate items already in my closet.

Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription box Review October 2017

I love fall, so I had a feeling I was going to fall in love with the items sent this month!  So with Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription Box #4!

Jolie Fia Cold Shoulder Knit Dress, Size XS $38 (black)

I have fallen in love with Stitch Fix over the textures of the clothing so far.  This knit dress is silky soft and so comfy!  I love that it is a perfect fall piece!  You can wear it as it, or style it up with a cardigan or leggings.  I am sure this will be paired up with a denim jacket quite often!  That reminds me, I need to let my stylist know I need a new denim jacket!  This one is a definite keeper!

Nine Britton Rhea Knit Top, Size XS – $42.00 (Burgundy)

This was one of those I had to try on (then see a photo of) to fall in love with.  I instantly loved the color and the amazingly soft texture.  The fringe-like pattern was a little different for me.  I cannot wait to layer it with scarves and cardigans!

Liverpool Elizabeth Super Skinny Jean, Size 0P – $78 (Blue)

I often see the Liverpool brand in Stitch Fix reviews.  After receiving a pair this month, I get why!  They are so comfortable and fit perfect!  On my last fix, I explained that I have yet to find a pair of jeans that fits that isn’t marked “petite” or “short.” On our box #3,  Tiffany delivered a perfect pair of jeans.  With there being another pair of perfect-fitting jeans in this box, I am beyond thrilled! I love them (and so does the hubby!).

Collective Concepts Roma Wrap Blouse, Size XSP – $58

This was the full push out of my comfort zone!   You can tell in my unboxing video that I was a little thrown off by it.  That, and a complete doofus and not able to put it on in a timely fashion, lol!  Even once I had it on, I wasn’t sold.  When it came time to take pictures, my husband instantly told me he loved it.  This also caught me off guard.  After he took the photos, though, I completely fell in love too.

The material is silky, and I love the shade of blue.  This is a perfect shirt for special occasions or everyday events.  It all depends on whether you dress it up or down.  Pieces like these are ideal for every women’s wardrobe!

Octavia Ester Plaid Infinity Scarf – $34.00 (Burgundy)

This is such a cute scarf.  I do love scarves, but this one instantly screamed my daughter’s name.  Though the boxes are for me only, this will be that one exception to the rule.  Our oldest will be 15 this winter, and this scarf perfectly makes up her school colors.  Being a cheerleader and pretty much only wearing school colors ever, this will be a perfect birthday present for her.

Unboxing Stitch Fix Clothing Subscription box Review October 2017

You can tell by the pictures that everything came out great, but that isn’t always how it feels when you open a box.  This is why it is so important to try on each piece. I love the idea of having your picture taken by a friend or family member so you can see it from how everyone else sees it!  To show you the difference, this is our unboxing video.

What do you think?

Stitch Fix box was a complete win. I am ecstatic with each piece and will be keeping each one!  I love that Tiffany is learning my style so well. 

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