The pandemic has forced a radical shift in different spheres of life. One of the areas most affected is learning. With hundreds of millions forced to sit at home during the lockdown or quarantine, there has been a need to review models of learning. While online learning had started way before Covid 19 hit, the pandemic saw a surge in engagement and utilization.

Students at all levels enjoy the benefits of online learning during the pandemic. Perhaps, some more than others. While remote learning has benefits during a pandemic, it is not without disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Online Learning During Pandemic

Transitioning from physical classes to a virtual one, the absence of physical activities that helps relieve stress, and studying alone can be pretty demanding. The adverse effects are also valid issues that must be solved to make the most of them. Below is a list of the pros and cons of having online learning during a pandemic.


Online learning is an exciting educational model It is useful for learning in a pandemic and the Covid 19 virus saw its growth and acceptance However it has its disadvantages Read on to know more about Online Learning During Pandemic

It is convenient

This is perhaps the most significant advantage. It removes a lot of stringent restrictions that come with in-person learning. Students have significant flexibility in time and place. They can attend classes from anywhere in the world with a stable internet connection.

If they cannot attend the classes live for one reason, they can catch up on the class recordings. These recordings can be archived and also used for future reference. Students can also access essential materials at any time. Online learning ensures that education is not restricted to time and geographical boundaries.

It is affordable

Online learning has provided a cheaper way to learn. While it may not be the cheapest form of learning, it is comfortably more affordable than physical tutelage. If you consider reduced financial costs of education in a pandemic, online learning is the way. It removes the campus’s regular living expenses, such as accommodation, transport, feeding, and other social activities.

Since students are not restricted to any location when engaged in online learning, they can live with family away from campus zones that might have high living costs. In addition, the materials needed for the course are electronic and not physical papers, reducing costs.

It increases overall student attendance.

This is simple; you can attend all your classes from a single spot at reduced personal costs. Online teaching makes it easy not to miss classes, improving overall attendance.

More teaching options

Online learning makes learning possible through many methods than conventional whiteboards and textbooks. It provides a platform for teachers to employ other teaching resources such as videos, podcasts, and online libraries.

Lesson plans can get innovative and diverse; teachers can also use any remote aid deemed necessary to make learning fun and efficient.


Online learning is an exciting educational model It is useful for learning in a pandemic and the Covid 19 virus saw its growth and acceptance However it has its disadvantages Read on to know more about Online Learning During Pandemic

Poor internet connectivity in remote areas

There is no online learning without an online presence. You need the internet to be part of an online class. In some areas, this poses a severe challenge. While internet adaptation and penetration continue to increase, it is still not readily available in specific locations.

Getting a smooth connection with a decent internet speed remains elusive for some regions. It might drag if the vital tool to connect the teacher and student is unavailable.

It is challenging to maintain focus.

Remote learning means the entire process is done via a screen. This creates a unique challenge: staying focused while staring at a screen for long durations. Online learning means there are thousands of ways to get distracted online.

You are miles away from class surfing the net or on social media with a few clicks. To avoid distractions, online classes must be engaging and participatory, including multiple breaks. The teachers would have to find ways to keep classes interactive and fun which is not always easy.

Technology adaptation

There is a need to have a basic grasp of what it means to learn online and the applications used. Both teachers and students would have to learn how to use the tools required to run a class.

This might take a while to understand and prove challenging to older people. The necessary tools and resources must be fully understood to optimize their usage. Schools may have to hold training sessions for teachers and students to give clear explanations.

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Online Learning During Pandemic

Like any other teaching mode, online education has advantages and adverse effects. Being one of the areas affected most by the pandemic, online learning was of great help to both teachers and students. Its affordability and availability make it easy for students.

However, students in environments with poor internet connections find it difficult to access online learning. Understanding both the advantages and disadvantages will help institutes in providing better means.

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