Learning another language is challenging work, to begin with. Mix the concern of your language coming from Latin roots with the challenge of learning a language as complex as English (with Germanic roots), and you have a recipe for real hardship. Even when you take English lessons for Spanish speakers, you’ll notice how much your native language has influenced you to think and speak a certain way. 

Language Differences between English and Spanish

The first difference you may immediately notice between the two languages is how the words are spelled, but the discrepancies go much more profound. Sentences are ordered differently, the same letters signify different sounds, and similar-looking words mean entirely different things.

This is, of course, just the start of some of the challenges Spanish speakers encounter when they rise to the occasion of English lessons. But, when they start to recognize the impact that their native language has had on them, things can improve: they can start to gain footing with English in surprisingly quick ways, especially under the guidance of a private tutor. 

If you speak Spanish, you might run into these common challenges while learning English. See the pitfalls facing English lessons for Spanish speakers and learn to overcome them

Why is English Difficult for Spanish Speakers?

Pointing out surface-level differences between the languages is just a taste of how challenging learning a foreign language can be. Once you know what you’re up against, you’ll be better equipped to tackle the challenges. Learning any language is tough, and it’s no different for those who speak Spanish and want to add English to their skill set. 

While English is challenging for Spanish speakers—more so than French or Italian might be—it’s not nearly as much of a challenge as languages like Japanese or Korean. The languages at least share the same alphabet and many words that sound and mean similar things (cognates). Grammatical constructs and some sounds can also have similarities.

Resources for Spanish Speakers Learning English

There are plenty of ways to overcome the adversity that English presents to the new learner. Some of the options include apps, classes, private tutoring, and online private tutoring as well. Of these, the last is the most flexible and effective for the amount of investment.

English-Spanish Apps

Even when apps charge what seems like a reasonable subscription for their service, they give very little in return compared to what you can quickly get free. These apps do little more than offer you a self-paced online dictionary that you run through with a cute artificial assistant. 

College or Community Classes

Classes can be fun, but they don’t give equally to all students, especially those struggling with the material because of a language barrier. If you want personal attention to your English-speaking skills, you will want a private tutor (online or in-person) at the very least.

In-person Private Tutoring

Through in-person tutoring, you limit yourself to the talent that surrounds your local area and the rates they charge for the in-demand skill of teaching English. Some tutors can command rates well into the triple digits for in-home lessons.

Online Private Tutoring

The most flexible, fastest option is to use a resource like Eurekly to source talented, private tutors from anywhere in the world who can offer you low rates without sacrificing their teaching abilities or knowledge. Lessons can start at $10 per hour, and many online tutors offer a free trial session.

How Eurekly’s Tutoring Can Help Spanish Speakers

Platforms like Eurekly are proven to benefit students by using tutoring to advance education, just as research into teaching and technology suggests. Using the platform, students can experience a classroom-like virtual environment that brings all the merits of traditional education without drawbacks. They get personal attention and low costs while getting outstanding instructions from passionate experts worldwide. 

In the virtual classroom, Spanish speakers exchange ideas, frustrations, and progress with their interested, helpful tutors and receive custom instruction powered by an impressive suite of features like speech playback, file sharing, screen recording, assignment receipt, and more. If you’re a Spanish speaker who wants to advance your English-speaking skills, Eurekly may be the way to overcome your challenges. Check out Eurekly’s platform and expert tutors in English for more. 

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