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The science of the life of a fetus is the basis of the pro-life movement’s claims. The pursuit of knowledge in the scientific community is predicated on objective information rather than personal, political, philosophical, or religious views. Because of this, people may not hold the same religious worldview.

Pro-Life Arguments In Abortion Debates In The College

People feel as though they can’t understand where other people’s ideas regarding the issue of abortion are coming from, much less even change their opinions. The debates surrounding abortion are so deeply personal and are connected to the most basic questions regarding gender equality, body autonomy, and social safety. With the wind on different opinions, college is a moment in people’s lives when they begin to question all they observe in the world, and abortion is not an exception to this trend.

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Pro-life and pro-choice are the most common terms on this subject. At least once in your lifetime, you’ve undoubtedly been exposed to many essays on both of those terms. Students can obtain information by accessing free examples on pro life abortion essay to understand this subject better. It seems like one of the terms is preoccupied with women’s rights while the other is related to the protection of infants.

Those who support the pro-life or pro-choice positions do so for various reasons. Sadly, our modern culture tends to oversimplify concepts like these, which can lead to one group’s members holding inaccurate beliefs about the other. Therefore debates have sprung up among college students for and against abortion. Some colleges have pro-life communities for students who share the same opinion. Before we delve into the concept, it’s essential to understand the meaning of pro-life and pro-choice.

Understanding The Concept of Pro-life vs. Pro-choice

Before taking a stance, a student should clearly understand both concepts. The terms pro-life and pro-choice are problematic for a straightforward reason. They require individuals to place their theological, political, and moral convictions towards abortion into these two categories. In this section, we will clarify what most people mean when they use the terms pro-life or pro-choice. This idea can be a free essay example for a student’s research paper.

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice 

People who self-identify as pro-choice typically hold that it is the right of everyone to have the ability to choose whether or not they want to have children and when to have children. Even if you wouldn’t choose abortion for yourself, if you declare you’re pro-choice, you are telling people that you think it is okay for them to have the option of choosing abortion in the event of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. 

The pro-choice group contends that the government need not prohibit a person from getting an abortion before the moment of viability when the fetus cannot survive outside the womb. People who are against abortion refer to themselves as pro-life activists. Indeed, the only existence that many care about is the life of the fertilized egg that is likely to be terminated due to abortion. Pro-lifers seem far less worried about the life of women who have unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. 

Many individuals who identify as pro-life favor punishment or penalties for those who engage in the act and are opposed to legislation regarding child welfare resulting from abortion. The group of students fostering pro-life argument contends that all human life, regardless of its growth or degree of development, is valuable and ought to be protected by the state. According to this approach, abortion should not only be illegal but should also be prevented from being done in any capacity.

People are often made to feel they are on opposing sides when categorized as either pro-life or pro-choice because these are two extreme positions. But we acknowledge more than we are against the opinion. The vast majority of Americans believe that abortion ought to be legal, and they favor women having the right to obtain abortion services.

Sadly, due to the immense opposition each group has against the other, in most cases, neither side attempts to understand the opposing group. No team ever wants to consider the viewpoints of the other.

Pro-Life Arguments In Colleges

Students’ essays contain different perspectives on the morality of committing abortions for various reasons, some of which are political and others emotional. However, it is conceivable to represent the basis of reasoning that each side depends on whether they are reasoning and disputing illogically. The validity of a student’s point of view is a basis for grading college papers.

The argument in favor of the continuation of life after conception can be summed up as follows, in its most straightforward form:

  • A human can be found within an embryo or a fetus.
  • The right to life is for humans. Therefore, it follows that the embryo or fetus also possesses that right.
  • It is unethical to take the life of an individual. Hence, it is unethical to take the life of an embryo or a fetus.

There are a lot of permutations possible for the above.

Sometimes what is being asserted is not that the embryo or fetus is a person but that it is a human being. When people make this claim, they frequently mean “human being,” similar to what intellectuals mean when they say “person.” At other times, the thinker is trying to convey the idea that the embryo or fetus is intended to be classified as a member of the species homo sapiens for biological purposes.

The presumption here is that a future person possesses fundamental rights instead of merely potential rights, among which is the right to one’s life.

The parents of the embryo or fetus should, except for situations involving rape, be held fully responsible for birthing the child and face the repercussions, according to the beliefs of some pro-life advocates. These pro-life advocates stand on the view that abortion should be illegal. The consensus would be that if individuals can’t have kids, they ought to have exercised more caution to avoid having one. It is not appropriate to shoulder that obligation by taking the life of a defenseless embryo.

When a Pro-Life View is Actually Pro-Choice

However, some pro-life advocates subscribe to the view that abortion can be allowed in specific limited circumstances. In these situations, it may be necessary to terminate the pregnancy to save the mother’s life, or it may be highly likely that the mother would pass away if the pregnancy were carried out. In either of these kinds of scenarios, an abortion may be the only option. 

Incest and rape are two other situations that generate a lot of controversies. In cases like these, one possible interpretation is that the unborn is not innocent or that other elements or circumstances can outweigh the fetus’s right to life.

The fundamental tenet of the pro-life movement is based on the analogy that may be made or the assumption that a fetus and a normal human being can be made. The pro-life movement views this similarity as self-evident and the analogy as simple to comprehend. As a result, they are baffled and frustrated by the pro-choice movement’s apparent refusal to treat an embryo or fetus the same way they would treat a typical human being.

Misconception Regarding Pro-Life Arguments

There are bound to be misconceptions arising against pro-life arguments amongst students. A student can draw information from our examples of these misconceptions for their research paper.

Pro-Life is Often used Interchangeably with Anti-Abortion.

While the term anti-abortion is used to describe the vast majority of pro-life supporters, it does not fully include what it means to be pro-life. An individual does not need to go very deeply into a media feed supporting pro-life to understand the basis of their viewpoint. This is because the pro-life movement is straightforward about what they want. They strive to honor and place value on all forms of life.

Pro-Lifers Are Not Concerned About Pregnant Women

The most common misconception about pro-life activists is that they don’t care about pregnant women. This is arguably the claim about pro-life supporters that has been disproven the most. Over 2,500 pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) are displaced across the United States. The majority of these institutions offer services that are both high-quality and non-judgmental. In a similar vein, some pregnancy centers go so far as to provide free pregnancy tests as well as ultrasounds.

Supporters of this movement care about women who, for one reason or the other, have to go through an abortion. To support these women, members of the pro-life movement have established many compassion-based support groups that offer assistance to post-abortive moms during the grieving process that follows the death of their unborn child.

Additional Premise of Students Pro-life Activists

The argument that abortion is the answer to overpopulation is flawed for different reasons. To begin with, the United States can provide food for twice as many people as it does at present. In addition, if other nations modify their agricultural practices, they won’t require the food exports that the United States provides because they will be able to produce their food. If there are no more abortions, there will not be a shortage of agricultural resources.

Low birth rates usually account for increased economic consumption, and productivity presents another difficulty for this line of reasoning. This indicates that carbon emissions will stay constant even if the number of abortions continues to rise. Studies have shown that couples who do not have children can emit even more hazardous emissions than couples who have children, suggesting that having children may help the situation rather than make it worse.

The Argument That Abortion Is the Answer to Overpopulation. 

However, even considering the preceding considerations, let’s assume that a greater birth rate hurts the problem of overpopulation. Would we be willing to end the lives of children who have not yet been born to make life better for the rest of us? No. 

Since the pro-life movement maintains that a kid is already living at conception, there is no distinction between the two when looking at them side by side. Contrary to what some believe, these unborn children do not provide obstacles. They could have the potential to be a welcome relief for the troubled world we live in.

Summarily, the argument that “my body, my choice” is probably the one that is made the most frequently in favor of abortion among students. At first view, it is not too difficult to comprehend the reasoning behind someone’s support for something. After all, women’s rights are crucial to our society’s functioning, and women need to have control over their bodies. The ability of students to logically handle this outline encourages positive teacher comments for students’ writing.


The issue of abortion has always remained one of the most highly debated in colleges. Student pro-life activists consider it essential for both their personal and academic life. They fight for equality for everyone, no matter what stage of life they are in or how dependent they are. It’s about treating every single human life with the same amount of value. Properly written essays on this subject can further enhance student contracts for good grades and encourage their ability to think logically.

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