If you or your dog is finally ready to travel and accompany each other, it’s crucial to do thorough research beforehand. First experiences should be fun and upbeat, so it’s best to remember the proper steps when traveling with your dog. A vacation can even be more fun when you have planned and packed enough. Planning to take your dog on your vacation takes some additional steps, but is well worth it! 

Tips for Planning To Take Your Dog On Your Next Vacation

Some pet owners hesitate to bring their dogs on their next vacation because they feel it’ll be challenging. As a result, many prefer to leave their fur babies in a nearby pet hotel, which is also a great option. However, if you want to create a more solid bonding and make your dog less sad when you leave for a vacation, it’s a fantastic idea to tag them along on your next trip instead. 

Take note of the following pointers, and you’ll have a better travel experience with your dog: 

A vacation can even be more fun when you have planned and packed enough. Planning to take your dog on your vacation takes additional steps, but is well worth it

Stay In Pet-Friendly Destinations  

No matter where you travel in the United Kingdom, make sure your destination is pet-friendly. This won’t be a problem, though, as there are now many pet-friendly vacation destinations like Devon pet friendly cottages if you travel in this area. The key here is to call the hotel or resort ahead and inquire about your dog’s accommodations and requests. Pets are usually accepted for an additional fee at most hotels. 

Restrain Your Pet While Traveling  

During the ride, it’d be best to restrain your pet. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, chances are your dog will be hopping or moving around excessively, which is unsuitable for them and, most significantly, the people around them. 

If your dog becomes excited or scared, you may be distracted from driving. Both of you might be prone to accidents. It’d be best to keep your dog inside a carrier and place them in the back seat. 

Traveling with your pet in a carrier strapped to the seat with a seatbelt is the safest way. When traveling by air, you must inquire early before booking a ticket with an airline. Ask them about their travel restrictions about your dog and their carrier.  

Some airlines allow you to place the carrier under the seat, while some only allow them to be placed along with the other cargoes. When finding the best pet carrier for travel, ensure that they fit inside comfortably and can still move around inside. You don’t want to make them feel restricted, especially when the travel time is too long.  

Seek Advice From Your Vet  

Asking for your vet’s advice is very important if you don’t want to experience any issues with your pet. For your pet to travel, they must be healthy enough and vaccinated. Your vet knows your dog’s historical health records, so they can better advise on traveling decisions.  

Choose a veterinarian and ask them about your vacation destination so they can help you protect your pet from potential risks. Whether you’re heading to the beach, mountains, cities, or other settings, your vet will have an idea and will provide tips and tricks to make your pet feel more relaxed and less anxious during the trip. 

Make The Trip Enjoyable For Your Pet  

Even though travel takes a lot of time, you should try to keep your pet on the schedule they’re used to at home. This will allow them to feel at ease and their own pace. Try to feed your dog while they usually have their meals. And feed them the same food they typically eat. Daily and routine habits will make them adapt to the new environment better. 

If you can make your routine familiar, they’ll be less likely to feel stressed by the travel itself. Especially in crowded places like airports and hotels, make sure your dog has enough time to use the bathroom and relax in his crate before you leave. Bring their favorite toys, blankets, and anything that can enhance their trip.  

Don’t forget to pack their favorite treats so they can have snacks during long hours of waiting. The first travel experience might take more time for them to get used to, but eventually, they’ll get used to it and have fun.  

Prepare All Necessary Requirements And Documents  

You should never leave home without preparing and bringing all your dog’s essential records and documents. This includes their health records, birth certificates, vaccination records, etc. A dog’s vaccination record and health certificate are required, so authorities will know that your dog is safe around other passengers.  

Hence, the next time you visit your vet, ask for all the records and documents. Try to secure the original and a few more copies since some travel authorities may continue asking for these requirements for their filing.  

Take Your Dog On Your Vacation

While there are many tips on making a memorable vacation trip with your kids even better, you must also learn the proper steps when traveling with your pet. Traveling with your fur baby can be an easy journey when you prepare and apply the tips mentioned above. This will be the first of many memorable trips you will share with your dog, so making it enjoyable for you is essential.  

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