Choosing a mattress to suit your sleeping position means you can wake up refreshed each morning, free of aches or pains. No matter which positions you sleep in, you must choose a mattress for support to sleep soundly. While this sounds like an easy choice, you must learn how to choose a mattress for your sleeping position.

How to Choose a Mattress for Your Sleeping Position

The mattress you choose should depend on how you prefer to sleep. A mattress for blood circulation to go properly. Each sleeping style can significantly affect how you choose the best mattress.

Choosing the best mattress can make a world of difference in your sleep quality Learn how to choose a mattress for your sleeping position

Back sleepers 

Choosing a mattress that compliments how you sleep is always best, especially if you’re a back sleeper. Sleeping on your back puts extra pressure on the lower back area, so you must choose a mattress with sufficient support. If you sleep on your back, choosing a soft mattress like foam could harm your lower body and lead to strain. This is because your torso sinks into the mattress, and your body creates a U shape. 

Back sleepers can benefit from choosing a mattress that offers medium-firm support with extra contouring, like Organic Latex Mattress. For example, a hybrid mattress can support springs but is topped with soft, foamy material for comfort. 

Stomach sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach, you’re likely to strain your back, neck, and joints. You may even experience pain when you wake up, so choosing a mattress to suit your most comfortable position is essential. 

Like back sleepers, sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on your lumbar region and spine. When choosing a new mattress, you might find that a firm model can help support your body and you don’t end up in a U shape. You should also avoid memory foam mattresses as you don’t want to feel suffocating! 

Side sleepers 

Sleeping on your side is familiar in older adults or heavier adults. But did you know there is a right and wrong way to sleep on your side? Choosing the correct position means you can reduce lower back and joint pain and feel relief from any chronic pain you may suffer from — it may also reduce snoring. 

It would be best to look for a medium to firm mattress as a side sleeper. If you choose a mattress that is too soft, although it may feel comfortable, it will not offer sufficient support to your body, and your joints will sink further into the mattress during the night, waking you up feeling achy. Too hard, and you won’t be able to sleep due to discomfort. Looking for a medium to firm mattress is vital for a side sleeper, but trying them out can also be beneficial before you buy. 

Find the perfect mattress for your sleeping position to wake up refreshed and pain free every morning Learn how to choose the right support for back stomach side and combination sleepers

Combination sleepers 

Combination sleepers are those of us who move around at night and find various positions comfortable. If you don’t have a specific position you enjoy sleeping in, this could be you! So, you may wonder how to find your perfect mattress if this is the case. You should choose a position where you find yourself most often or the most comfortable and purchase your mattress to suit. 

Medium-firm mattresses offer the best comfort and support for anyone who changes positions regularly. Finding a mattress that allows easy movement can also be advantageous so you can change positions effortlessly. Hybrid mattresses may be a good option for a combination sleeper, with a supportive spring core topped with foam for added comfort. Trying out a mattress before buying can be helpful in this case. 

Mattresses for pain 

Commonly we can wake up feeling achy sometimes, but when it happens every morning, it is likely because of our mattress. It could be that the mattress you’ve chosen is old and unsupportive, or maybe you’ve chosen a mattress that doesn’t suit the way you sleep.

Support and comfort are essential when relieving pain when you sleep, and the type of mattress you choose should be based on where you feel the most pain, whether in your upper or lower back or your shoulder joints. 

How to Choose a Mattress for Your Sleeping Position

The lower back tends to be the most common place for us to experience pain. This is because it is vulnerable and can be twisted and strained. If you’re a back sleeper, medium to firm mattresses can support pressure and pain points and support your body in the best position. Side sleepers that may impact their shoulders and hips can benefit from a medium-firm mattress that can comfort and cushion these pressure areas. 

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