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GPS Trackers are becoming more and more a part of everyday life.  For special needs parents, a gps tracker can actually mean the difference between life and death.  That being said, there are so many tracking devices on the market. It is hard to know which one to pick.  When it comes to a device that solely tracks, Jiobit GPS tracker is an amazing option!

Disclaimer: We recently got a chance to try out Jiobit in exchange for our honest review.   The following is our review:

Jiobit The Worlds Smallest and Longest Lasting GPS Tracker for Kids

Jiobit is a smaller, triangle shaped GPS tracking device.  One of the first things I noticed was the size. We have two children that can really benefit from a tracking device.  Both of them could benefit from having a smaller device like this.

Our son is only 4, so a small device is great because he is less likely to be bothered by it. Our daughter is 11, but she is tiny. So many tracking devices are uncomfortable for her. Jiobit solves that problem by its small design.

How Much Jiobit:

Right now, Jiobit has two price points.  Your first choice is $99.99 + $8.99/mo fee for a 2-year contract.  You can also add an additional device for just $3.99 service per device. The other option is for $139.99 per device with no contract at $8.99 a month.

Having a no contract option is definitely a selling point for me.  Besides the fact that I hate contracts, our family needs are always changing.

The price of Jiobit is a little more upfront versus other companies, but much less per month.  On an affordability standpoint only, Jiobit is an amazing option for families on a budget!

One of the neat things about Jiobit is that it uses both GPS & Bluetooth technology.  I was able to install the app on IOS and Android devices.

How to Wear Jiobit

Wearing the Jiobit comes with quite some flexibility. The triangle/teardrop shaped tracking device does come with two separate clips.  One is a belt clip, while the other is a lanyard. This always you to place the Jiobit in places like hidden in the shoelaces, on a belt or pants, hidden in hair ties, pockets and more.

We found this to be very useful as kids can be mean.  Being able to hide the device in easy places allows us to use the device without others noticing it.

Durability of Jiobit

One thing I always have to take into account with the kids is the durability of the device.  Jiobit is surprisingly durable considering its size. Though I didn’t test it out, Jiobit states that the device is water-resistant.  Jiobit is IPX8 tested.

Using Jiobit

Jiobit uses a combination of Bluetooth and GPS for its tracking.  The app is neat in the fact that there can be multiple caregivers that can be connected to the Jiobit through the app.   Due to the Bluetooth technology, you can see if your child is with one of the caregivers in the app as well as your child’s location.

If you are within range, the jiobit will connect to your phone app through Bluetooth. Outside of that range, it uses GPS.  Though I was never far enough away to test this, their website states you can track the GPS from anywhere in the world.

Trusted Places

Another neat feature is that you can set up “Trusted Places” such as your home or the child’s school.   If your child enters or leaves those areas, you will get an alert on your phone.


We were only able to really test within our normal routes, so I cannot speak for huge distances.  From what we observed, it was the normal GPS accuracy which can vary between 20 ft off to ½ a mile.  Though this is not ideal, it is the “norm” for GPS devices.

The neat thing about the Bluetooth technology would be that if you got close enough, you’d switch to Bluetooth and be slightly more accurate.


There isn’t a feature that allows you to access your child’s daily activity.  This could be a negative if you are looking for more detailed information. Jiobit is a great device to track your child in the moment.

If you are needing a device that has an activity log, the ability to talk, or support based off special needs, this isn’t the device for you.  For that, I would recommend Angelsense.

JioBit Review

After experiencing Jiobit first hand, I would absolutely recommend Jiobit.  It’s lightweight, durable design is an amazing feature and its price point is perfect for most any family.  Jiobit it a GPS tracking device that is perfect for any child, no matter their needs. You can get your Jiobit here right now!

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