Today, I’m going to share with you about an up and coming company that is fighting to make a difference in the unemployment rates of autistic adults. A mom and son team, The Light Side, Autism With A Spark Of Humor is working on that goal while bring a huge smile to your face. Check it out!

The Light Side, Autism with a Spark of Humor

Celeste Losito is a former speech language pathologist and a mom oof three, including her amazing 14-year-old autistic son named Joey. Though she had an amazing career, she was working so much that she was missing out on time with her family and wanted that to change.

In working with so many families over the years there were two main things that Celeste noticed. The fear of elopement was one of those concerns. The other was lack of support and employment for their autistic children when they enter adulthood.

Celeste got the opportunity to speaking with the folks at Project Lifesaver. From that conversation, her purpose became crystal clear….and The Light Side…Autism with A Spark of Humor was born.

Making a Difference, One Shirt at a time!

Celeste “retired”from being an SLP to dedicate her time to my growing The Light Side. The Light Side’s objectives are pretty clear and awesome!

  1. To bring a smile to the face of their customers
  2. Grow to be able to offer employment exclusively to those with different needs in a safe and supportive environment
  3. Support and grow awareness of Project Lifesaver. Their goal is to recover lost individuals with cognitive impairments in less than 30 minutes.

Project Life Saver is an organization that is making a huge difference in cases of elopement. Participants wear a bracelet with a transmitter that allows their location to be found instantaneously. The bracelet does cost money, but with donations the foundation is able to offset the cost for families that would possibly not be able to afford the service otherwise.

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Celeste feels so strongly that all families should have peace of mind when it comes to their loved one’s safety that a portion of all The Light Side…Autism With A Spark Of Humor proceeds are donated directly to the Project Lifesaver Program.

Changing the Unemployment rate of autistic adults

Celeste feels very strongly about the unemployment rates of autistic adults and is working to make a difference in that area too. She is on a mission to do as much as we can to impact that facet of the system. Celeste plans to go to Washington DC to meet with some constituents early in 2019. She is constantly looking for ways to make areal impact on lack of support and employment for autistic children when they enter adulthood.

Joey and Celeste create new tees throughout the year and proudly off them to autistic individuals and their families. Their ultimate goal is to grow their business big enough to be able to provide employment to Autistic adults as well as those with other disabilities.

While their journey is just beginning, it is the PERFECT time for you to jump on board to help grow their mission and business!

What does The Light Side, Autism With A Spark Of Humor provide?

The Light Side, Autism With A Spark Of Humor creates awesome tshirts designed from their family life. The Holiday tshirt I am wear today was created by Joey and his aide after a conversation about snow. Joey does not like being in the snow with his siblings but knows that it’s ok to be different!

Their designs aren’t limited to t-shirts though. This awesome lanyard and an adorable heart necklace are just some examples of what they are up to! Even a hoodie design is in the works!

Right now, you can get this shirt with a lanyard and 2 car safety stickers for just $24.95! Just think about how awesome this would be as a Christmas present or to wear to spark a conversation about the unemployment rate for autistic adults!

So how can you support The Light Side, Autism with a Spark of Humor

That’s the easy part! Just head over to and get your very own tshirt! You can also follow their journey on social media by heading to @thelightsideofautism on Instagram and @autismwithhumor on Facebook!

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