Winter can be a busy season for many families, so a virus is the last thing you need. Instead of hoping everyone stays healthy, parents can become proactive to prevent themselves and their kids from falling ill. Here’s how to prepare your family for cold and flu season before viruses begin to take hold in your community.

Prepare Your Family for Cold and Flu Season

Instead of hoping everyone stays healthy, prepare your family for cold and flu season before viruses begin to take hold in your community.

Review Handwashing Techniques

Touching your mouth, eyes, or nostrils is one of the most common ways to get sick. It’s also something kids do all the time. Talk with your children about washing their hands frequently throughout the day and demonstrate the proper techniques, like scrubbing and rinsing. Teaching them to hum or sing a short song while washing can make the 20-second task fly by and feel fun. 

Serve Vitamin-Packed Foods

Vitamins transform immune systems into robust virus-fighting machines. Rethink your family’s daily diet and serve vitamin-packed foods instead of processed alternatives to keep everyone healthy. Vitamin C is an excellent resource for your immune system and naturally appears in broccoli, oranges, and strawberries. Cater your meals to your family’s health needs to protect them from the upcoming cold and flu season.

Change Your Air Filters

You might not think about your air filters often, but they’re a powerful tool against illnesses. A high-quality set will clean the air every time your HVAC fan turns on. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters catch 99.97% of airborne particles, so they’re ideal for catching viruses. Change them as often as directed on the packaging to support your family’s respiratory health.

Schedule Your Flu Shots

The dominant flu strain changes every year, so it’s always a good idea to schedule your family’s flu shots. If they become sick with whatever is spreading around their school or workplace, their immune system will already have the antibodies it needs to prevent symptoms or hospitalization. Talk with your family physician to set up the appointments that will help your loved ones stay healthy throughout the year.

Disinfect Household Surfaces Frequently

Viruses and bacteria often spread by lingering on shared surfaces. Researchers found that the clostridium difficile bacteria can remain on surfaces for five months and infect numerous people. Use sanitary wipes or sprays to clean shared surfaces often, such as:

  • Doorknobs
  • Counters
  • Remote controls
  • Light switches
  • Keyboards

Cleaning these places will keep illnesses from spreading around your family after one of your loved ones becomes sick.

Stay Physically Active

Your immune system becomes more robust if you exercise more frequently. Research shows that working out circulates white blood cells more quickly and speeds up their ability to detect and fight viruses. Although it might be too cold for everyone to go for a run, your family can play dancing games or do indoor exercise routines to get their heart rate up. Repeat that routine a few times a week, so everyone remains healthy and feels stronger.

Prepare Your Family for Flu Season

Catching a cold or flu is never fun, especially for young kids or busy parents. Adjusting your diet, exercise routine, and cleaning will protect your loved ones from illnesses even as viruses spread through your community.

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