It is not an easy task to handle toddlers. They are full of energy, bouncing from one corner of the home to another. Their little hands touch everything and often, those hands wind up in their mouths. On top of keeping them happy and safe, you need to have a few strategies to keep your toddler healthy.

3 Simple Strategies to Keep Your Toddler Healthy

This article is all about the strategies we can use to keep our toddlers healthy. These three tips will help set you on the right path to keeping your child’s health a priority.

Ditch antibacterial soaps and heavy-duty cleaners

While these soaps do work to remove germs, it takes away both the good and bad bacteria. Antibacterial soaps take away all the natural and beneficial bacteria, which are there to protect us. Plus, it’s been proven that antibacterial soaps are no more effective than conventional soap and water.

Similarly, you should also avoid using heavy-duty cleaners around your toddlers. Many all-purpose cleaners contain ammonia, which can cause respiratory irritations, especially to children. Their fumes can be inhaled by toddlers, which can make your child sick. 

If you need to have these cleaners on hand, make sure they are locked away. Toddlers are extremely curious and having chemicals within reach can pose a huge threat. No matter which cabinet you use, it is always a great idea to use a cabinet lock to keep dangerous substances secured.

Magnetic Cabinet Locks 

Wash hands frequently

Thinking of soaps, proper hand washing is another great strategy to keep your toddler healthy. When preparing meals or petting animals, washing hands is a must. One time that parents often forget though is diaper time. Prior to and after changing diapers, like the ones from Merries nappies at Panda Kids & Baby, make sure to wash your hands. 

Toddlers can also learn to wash their hands. Prior to meals, after playing in the dirt, or even after crafts are all good times to teach this skill. Check out this great guide to teaching toddlers to properly wash their hands.

Keep kids home when they’re sick.

When it comes to keeping our toddlers healthy, it’s not always possible. Sometimes, our kiddos will catch a virus that leaves them feeling yucky.

Colds, coughs and sore throats are common in kids. Often, these do not require them to stay home from school or daycare, especially if symptoms are mild.

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However, if cold symptoms include fever, or if a cough is excessive enough to disrupt their learning, you should keep your child home to rest. By doing so, you not only allow your child to get better, but you also prevent the transfer of the virus to other children.

Simple Strategies to Keep Your Toddler Healthy

There are so many other strategies too, which we can use to keep our toddlers healthy and happy. Those mentioned above are simple and easy to remember and follow.

When it comes to strategies to keep your toddler healthy, these bonus ones are key. Make sure to keep all check-ups and appointments with your child’s pediatrician. If you ever have questions about your child’s health, give them a call. Most insurances also have a 24 hour free nurse hotline listed on the

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