When it comes to moving cities, autistic children require intense preparation and protection from the stresses of moving. Given the heightened senses and responses, you aim to ensure they don’t struggle through the process. When moving cities with autistic children, here are some ways you can help them cope through the process.

How To Help Autistic Children Cope With A City Move

A link has been found between a chemical deficiency in your child’s brain and autism. This, for one, affects behavior. Your child’s senses may be heightened; they may be frightened easily, withdraw from noisy spaces, and prefer to play alone. The deficiency is caused by a breakdown in the inhibitory neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid pathway. As a result, sensory input is unbridled, leading to heightened senses that affect behavior. 

Get Help Moving

When moving cities with your autistic child, you require time to ensure that they aren’t overwhelmed by the packing, cleaning, shifting, and loud noises that come with the process. This may mean that you can’t do all the heavy lifting yourself. It would be best to comfort your child, who may cry or lock themselves in a quieter room as the loud noises continue.

You can get movers in Los Angeles to help you with the process while your priorities are on your child’s well-being. The movers will do the heavy lifting, packing, safeguarding, and smooth transporting of these. In that case, you can turn packing into an entertaining game with your child where they pack their favorite toys and clothing items, for example. Your attention and reassurance will help them find comfort during the moving process.

Speak With Your Child

Children can process discussions regardless of their age. They can pick up on body language, tone, and intention regardless of whether they understand your words. You can speak with your child and explain the process and its occurrence. Gently discussing with your autistic child will reassure them that they’re still in a safe space and that you’re on their team regardless of any confusion that may be taking place at that time.

You can begin the conversation before packing, and the movers arrive. While the packing takes place, you can keep reassuring them that they’re in a safe space. Once packing is completed, you can continue the conversation by preparing them for the following moving phase, such as traveling on the road or staying in a hotel for the day.

When moving cities with autistic children, here are some ways you can help your child with autism cope through the moving process.

Travel With A Familiar Object

You can encourage your child to pick an object to travel with as things bring a sense of familiarity, which may regulate their emotions. A familiar object can be a teddy bear, a toy, or a piece of clothing they enjoy wearing. It can also be a favorite snack, a reading book, or a puzzle.

Share A Room

Once you arrive at your destination, the unfamiliarity of the space will most likely frighten your child. You may have to share a room for the first few nights or weeks until your child gets used to the new space. They’ll need your presence to reassure them that the place isn’t dangerous, just new. Immediately placing them in their new room may be too sudden. This is when you find they may struggle to fall asleep, cry at night, or refuse to enter their bedroom. Patiently observe your child as time passes; when they’re more comfortable in the new home, you can transition them to their bedroom if they have a separate one.

Make Unpacking Fun

Although movers will place your furniture in the house for you, the bulk of unpacking and placing in the home is left to you. Unpacking may take a few days, depending on your schedule upon arrival. The chaos of boxes and items may make your child uneasy. You can help make your child comfortable and excited about the new space by making unpacking fun. You can sing songs, place a timer, and give them boxes to unpack, which may give them a sense of achievement.

How To Help Autistic Children Cope With A City Move

When moving with your autistic child, you have to constantly pay careful attention to how the process makes them feel, react, and behave. Hiring movers helps you invest more time protecting your child than the actual heavy lifting. Discussions about moving can help your child prepare and travel with a familiar object.

Upon arrival, you may have to share a room to comfort them in unfamiliar territory. You can then make unpacking fun for your child to get involved, lowering anxiety levels.

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