Are you looking for the best emotional regulation tool for autism? If so, Mightier is your answer! Keep reading to see how Mightier Emotional Regulation Games made a huge change in our family’s life!

Having three children on the autism spectrum, I understand the struggles of emotional regulation all too well. Each of my children struggles greatly, with our youngest daughter having the hardest time.

Mightier’s biofeedback games help kids 6-14 build emotional regulation skills.

She has learned countless tools but never can seem to apply them at the moment. When we were invited to try out Mightier, I was hopeful but reserved. After just two weeks though, I was sold! The difference was unmistakable and her teachers saw the drastic difference as well. Seriously, Mightier is absolutely amazing!

Children wear a heart rate monitor that controls the difficulty of the game. They learn calming skills to stay focused and in control to win the game. Expert coaches guide parents through every step.

To give you a full idea of where we started, our daughter has Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, and Sleep Apnea. She is the sweetest, most loving child that truly never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. That being said, she has a daily meltdown lasting from fifteen minutes to over an hour.

A large majority of these meltdowns occur from her lack of self-regulation skills and being able to apply any skills at the moment. We have been working with therapists, counselors, psychiatrists as well as an amazing staff at her school. They have taught her breathing techniques, self-determination skills and activities to work through this and NOTHING has worked yet.

It is absolutely horrible to watch your child struggle like that and its even harder for her to deal with.

Kids see their emotions comes to life on the screen with the Mighty Band heart rate monitor. The games get harder as they have to practice calming skills in order to win the game.

Parents connect with a clinical coach to set goals, track progress and practice strategies to help your child apply the calming skills from the games to real life situations.

Your kid practices calming skills with Mightier for 45 minutes per week, building muscle memory. Tap into our community to share and connect about progress!”

The Best Emotional Regulation Tool for Autism

When Mightier first reached out to me, I asked Lilly if she would like to give it a try. She said yes, so I was more than on-board. She thought the idea of playing games to teach her how to control her anger was awesome!

Prior to getting our system, we had an appointment with her psychiatrist already scheduled. I used this time to talk about her IEP, the upcoming school year, and Mightier. Her psychiatrist was just as excited as she was and couldn’t wait to hear the feedback.

Getting Started Mightier

After the first week of using Mightier, I caught her on several occasions deep breathing when she was starting to get upset! It was the very first time I have ever seen her use the deep breathing technique in the moment, and by her own choice!

Every parent of autistic children understands how significant this type of moment can be. It is basically the same feeling when your child walks or says mama for the first time.


By week three, she was asked for Mightier several days throughout the week. The minimum suggested play is 45 minutes a week (15-minute sessions) and she had 109 minutes total. So her choosing that much is awesome! This is truly the most amazing app, technique, tool, or anything that we have ever used for any of our three autistic children.

After 12 weeks in the Mightier program – families see reductions in 3 key areas:

We couldn’t be more thankful to Mightier for the difference this emotional regulation tool has made for our daughter! It has been a true, solid answer to a heartfelt prayer of ours. It has brought her so much more peace, and she is still growing and learning with Mightier months later!

The Best Emotional Regulation Tool for Autism

As you can see, Mightier is The Best Emotional Regulation Tool for Autism! The Foundation Program starts at just $28 a month! You get a dedicated Mightier tablet, Heart Rate Monitor, Monthly Consults, Custom Family plan & playbook, and access for the WHOLE FAMILY! That is a HUGE deal, especially considering the benefit this will make in your children’s life! Get Yours Today!


  1. I am curious about your feedback now as time has passed?

  2. Hi Debra! Our daughter has had huge improvements since starting Mightier! She is able to self regulate so much better and has learned to apply her breathing techniques to the moment. I would HIGHLY recommend Mightier to any family. Here is a link to our update on Mightier:

  3. It’s been 2 years. Have you seen any long lasting results with this?

  4. Hey Alissa! We have absolutely seen long-lasting results. Lilly learned how to self regulate and actively still uses these skills. We will be starting our youngest on Mightier here shortly and will do a separate review to track his progress with the program.

  5. Hi I’m thinking of buying this product for the 12 month plan. How long did you use the system for and if you stopped paying the subscription what happens to the games? are they no longer able to be played?

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