Are you always on the lookout for more things to do with your kiddos? Letting them help out with kid-friendly kitchen activities can teach them about important food hygiene and boost their confidence and independence. Keep reading to learn more about the kitchen activities for kids appropriate for all ages.

How to Get Kids Cooking: Kitchen Activities For Kids

Kitchen Cabinet Kings reward sheet for kitchen activities and toddlers

Toddlers (2-3 Years)

An excellent way for your toddlers to start gaining confidence in their motor skills is by helping you out in the kitchen. Toddlers are reward-focused, so giving them a cooking activities reward sheet is a great way to celebrate their wins. 

Fun cooking activities for toddlers include unloading groceries, washing produce, kneading dough, and decorating cookies.

Kindergarten (4-6 Years)

When your little one is around four, they will want to start helping you out in the kitchen. Cherish this time by getting them started on food preparation and safety. This may be a great time to teach them introductory knife skills with a butter knife.

Age-appropriate kitchen tasks for kindergartners can include setting the table to whisking eggs. A fun way to encourage them to get into the kitchen with you is a yummy dessert like this peanut butter fudge recipe. With only six ingredients, it’s super easy to make too!

Elementary (7-10 Years)

Kids who are elementary school-aged will appreciate more responsibilities in the kitchen. Since they have a more intellectual understanding, it’s time to teach them proper food handling and hygiene. This can also be when they can graduate to more complex knife skills.

Let your kids help by reading recipes, using a can opener, and using a stand mixer correctly. 

ngs to do with your kiddos Letting them help out with kid friendly kitchen activities can teach them about important food hygiene and boost their confidence and independence Keep reading to find out more about the kitchen activities for kids that are appropriate for all ages

Preteens & Teens (11+ Years)

Your child will likely start to feel infallible and independent at this age. They may say they don’t need your help in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t supervise them from a distance. Always be ready for when they inevitably need your help with hot utensils or more advanced knife skills.

Your little ones aren’t that little anymore, but you can still supervise them and teach them the different methods of cutting vegetables, meal planning, and the intricacies of baking.

Simple Kitchen Activities For Kids

Let your kids (of any age) help you with tasks in the kitchen. Make this a luxury experience by leveling up your kitchen cabinets or purchasing gadgets to make the experience more fun. Kitchen activities and table manners games for kids can help them become happy adults.

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