Building up confidence in your child can be one of the hardest things we face as parents. Overcoming attachment issues, sitting down to eat, brushing teeth, and getting to bed on time is all part of the daily grind. 

Know this. You are not alone in your struggles.

How To Build Up Your Child’s Confidence With Daily Brushing

Helping your child understand why brushing their teeth is so important and doing it well is part of the process.

So, how can you build up your child’s confidence with daily brushing? Read on to see our useful tips:

You’re in it together.

Childhood is a time of active brain development, refining your motor skills, and getting to grips with your surroundings. Throw in all the emotional stuff, and you can understand why your child often gets overwhelmed.

The easiest way to build up confidence in your child is to experience things together. So, when it’s time for your child to brush their teeth, do it with them. Lead by example.

Show your child brushing technique – how to get into the hard to reach areas, and what motion to use. Although your little one may not be able to do it all themselves, giving them the chance to try and feel the sensation will help them massively.

When your little one can see how it’s done, and you praise them for brushing their teeth well, they will instantly feel gratified. There’s nothing better than a mother’s praise, after all.

Flashing lights and bright colors

Want to know a secret to getting your child more involved and confident? Let them choose their toothbrush!

Even if you have to guide them to the age-appropriate toothbrush, they will feel included in the process and a sense of ownership.

Undoubtedly your little one has a favorite TV or book character. Fortunately, the clever bods in the industry have caught on to this clever marketing ploy too. So, picking a brush that your child will want to use is all part of the deal.

Innovative and playful, your little one can learn the principles of good oral hygiene with the help of flashing lights. Set for the recommended two minutes, your child can press a button on their brush to start their toothbrushing routine.

It sounds fun. Think about how your child will feel!

Stickers are gold!

Stickers are one of life’s great miracles. They can turn a toddler tantrum into a peaceful, joyous occasion instantly. Rewarding your child with a sticker is an excellent way to encourage and motivate them.

What’s more, the more favorable your child’s experience with toothbrushing is, the happier they will feel doing it in the future.

Stickers make brushing your teeth fun! Good oral hygiene will easily fit into your child’s daily routine because they will want to do it!

A way to connect

As soon as your little one starts nursery or school, their time with you changes dramatically. Gone are the days when you can pop to your favorite play cafe or meet up with your Mummy friends.

Taking time to re-connect with your child will transform the precious moments you have together.

Building toothbrushing confidence in your child is all down to how they feel about the time you spend with each other too. 

Think of your bedtime routine as the day’s rundown. Find out about your child’s day, what they’ve learned, and what they’ve enjoyed. Is there anything they would change for tomorrow?

A comfortable and engaged homelife breeds confidence. So, take time to re-connect with your child daily.

Make toothbrushing an experience.

Have you ever thought about the moments when your child gets excited? About how they need to tell you every part of their day? It’s usually when they have had fun, learned something new, and felt a part of an experience.

So why not infuse some of that into your little one’s daily brushing routine?

Puppets, songs, and your child’s favorite teddybear can encourage your little one to keep up the habit. Familiarity will help your child to explore techniques and routines with confidence.

Playing to your child’s adventurous side, you can tell them a story. With your little one as the main character, they will feel empowered as they take on the tooth giants and rescue the tiny villagers.

How To Build Up Your Child’s Confidence With Daily Brushing

Whatever you choose to do, keeping your child at the center of the story will make them feel involved and keen to know what happens next!

Building up confidence in your child isn’t as hard as you think! Daily brushing no longer needs to be a chore. An interactive, rewarding, and fun routine is all you need! Let’s get brushing!

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