Baby to Sleep Through the Night

As a parent, we can remember how tiring having a new baby is, no-one prepares you because you feel so tired, so when your baby sleeps, it’s like winning the lottery!

It’s important to remember that some babies sleep much more than others. Even in the same family, infants can differ. Some sleep for long periods, while others only in short bursts. 

How to Encourage Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Some babies sleep through the night – although this is not as common as you might think, and others don’t. The good news is you can help aid good sleep patterns, and here’s how.

Daytime and Nighttime are Different

Start early and teach your baby that nighttime is different from daytime from early on. Day means noise and daylight. If you have older children, there will be no getting away from the noise.

Allow daytime sleep to be more on the go, and don’t worry too much about noise from the radio or TV; in fact, it’s a good thing to have background noise.

At night, the opposite is best, dim the lights, create a relaxed and calm atmosphere, and implement the night time routine. With consistency, your baby will learn that nighttime is sleep time.

Bedtime Routines are Key

From six months on, your baby should be able to sleep for longer. They may not be exclusively breastfeeding, so after the soothing bath and last feed, put them to bed.

Bedtime is not playtime, so do not play with your baby or over-stimulate; this is just encouraging wakefulness.

Dress your baby in a secure outfit as a baby grows or sleepsuit. Baby likes to feel contained. Include a blanket or soft toy to help them to self soothe and put them down into their cot awake.

As your child gets older, it’s a good idea to keep to a similar bedtime routine. Spend some time winding down and doing some calm activities, like reading. 

Dealing with Sleep Problems

A young child will rarely have a sleep problem; stopping them from sleeping is usually the normal healthy progression from baby to toddler to young child.

These include growth spurts, teething, and of course, the common cold and childhood illness that can’t be avoided. You expect to be up at night, just as in adults illnesses are worse at night they are just as unpleasant for your child.

Remember, your child usually wants to be asleep too. Stick to your routine and reassure your child as much as possible and dare we say, sometimes you have to let them cry.

If your child is healthy, clean, and fed, tucked in their cot or bed with a kids weighted blanket or toy, leaving the room is okay.

How to Encourage Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

It’s not an easy task; the NHS website has all sorts of helpful articles available to read. If you’re ever worried, go with your instinct and talk to your doctor or medical professional.

Finally, remember this – nothing lasts forever. Each stage in a young child’s life brings new challenges, ask for help if you need it, and when that child turns into a teenager that won’t get out of bed, there’s help for that stage too.

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